Another Everest review coming soon!


Stay tuned–I’ll try to post a review on Sunday night! :slight_smile: Wish me luck-- :happy:


oooooh GOOD LUCK! I hope the Yeti doesn’t eat you up ----- I really want that report :tongue:

Have fun!!! :mickey:


Have a great time!!! :heart:


We’ll be waiting…
Good Luck!


Save me a place in line Friday…


Can’t wait to hear what you think about it too!


Enjoy it, you guys. Let us know the cool level.


My review will be going up on Sunday also.


good luck to you.


You lucky people. I cannot wait to hear about it.


Good luck bali!


Ya’ll better stop by and see me. More than likely I’ll be hanging around DAK.


Yeah, but will we recognize you in your skin? :closedeye:

8 hours before I leave for the airport, and I’m still at work. Maybe if I spent less time on DC…nah.


Okay–a week late, but still on a Sunday! :slight_smile:

The ride was fantastic. By now I’m sure there have been loads of reports posted on numerous websites, but I’ll still add my own. We rode three times on Friday the 27th of January and had very short waits each time. The queue lines (fastpass and stand by) are amazing! I wish I’d had more time to look at all of the “artifacts” they’d created. And the ride itself is great. The views are very cool, the “backwards” section is thrilling, and the drop at the end is, though longer, not as bad as Splash’s drop for some reason! (?) I also really liked that at the bottom of the drop is a viewing area, so all of your family and friends who don’t want to ride can get a great photo of you on the ride by standing there. The Yeti was scary, but I’m really glad I had watched those videos of the ride beforehand–I got to enjoy much more of the ride by not covering my eyes! :slight_smile:

Also, both my roommate and I were feeling a little queasy after riding. We’re thinking it was a combination of the backwards section of the ride and the Midori Sours we’d had before riding :dry: , but just wanted to let folks with sensitive stomachs know what our experience was.


Thanks for the review. DW and I enjoyed Expedition Everest just as much as you did. Interestingly, we also experienced a little of the queasy feeling you describe after the ride. We didn’t have any Midori sours, but I do think it had something to do with traveling backwards at a high rate of speed.

The feeling was similar to what I’ve sometimes felt after riding Mission: Space, but not nearly as intense. We grabbed a snack after riding and the feeling quickly went away.


I was so glad to see another review of EE. The more the merrier. I am so excited about this new attraction. I don’t think I can read to much about it…keep the reviews coming!!


Interesting comment about the drop - do you get that dropping feeling in your stomach at all?

Great review! Midori sours - sounds interesting. :wink:


Oh, good review.
I am a Midori Daiquiri fan myself. Never had a sour. :blush:


I am giong to beg and plead when I am there on the 15th. Are there any secrets I need to know in order to get a ride? Thanks for the report!!!


awesome review! I can not WAIT to ride! (though I’m such a wimp…it might take some pep talk before)
I didn’t know there was a big drop al la splash mountain style gulp

Thats so great you got to ride so many times! What a treat :mickey: