Another Fire at WDW


So I guess the rockets really do “blast off” :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Just glad no one was hurt.

Astro Orbiter Catches Fire, Tomorrowland Evacuated | The Disney Blog


I can easily see how they would have to shut down Tomorrowland to bring a bunch of emergency vehicles not just on stage, but center stage (literally!)

I can also imagine that this was a fairly minor event because there shouldn’t have been too much up there that could have caught fire beyond electrical controls.
Too, don’t forget that Astro Orbiter and the TTA are pretty much integral to each other structurally in Rocket Tower Plaza.

I’m glad that in the end this was minor and that things have pretty much returned to normal after a few hours of turmoil.


oh wow…glad no one was hurt.


Does anyone know if it will cause major down time or not?


For Astro Orbiter? Who can say because it depends on how much damage was done to the control circuitry.
For Tomorrowland in general? It was open again yesterday afternoon.