Another little hit for passholders


We renewed our APs at Epcot yesterday and discovered that Disney has made a change in the ticket sleeve that accompanies the pass. No longer does the sleeve include a little booklet that explains in detail all your passholder benefits. Instead, the sleeve now lists the various types of passes and prompts you to go online for information about benefits.

Disney does still give you information about your passholder benefits but it comes printed on a piece of poor-quality 4x9 cardboard that must be folded to fit in your pocket. After half a day of being in my shirt pocket, the printing already was starting to wear off.

I know this sounds picky on my part but I’m so tired of Disney chipping away at how passholders are treated. Beginning with the disappearance of passholder lounges and priority seating for in-park events, the list of passholder perks has steadily declined over the years.



There used to be passholder lounges???

I feel cheated.


Hahaha! Ya’ll are spoiled! At DLR they only ever gave us our pass and a sheet of paper describing the benefits. No sleeve…no lounge…Welcome to my world.


I want a lounge :mad:



You could always take over one of the restrooms and consider that a lounge :tongue:


I wonder how hard it is to move those fountain drink machines…

and I’ll need a couch.

maybe some posters.


There used to be a fabulous passholder lounge in a backstage area of the Land Pavilion at Epcot and another passholder lounge in Animal Kingdom.


Not picky PH. I have always wondered why my AP was a piece of cardboard and the family’s 8 day park hopper tix were plastic.

I also feel very disappointed after this trip . My 5 member family was definitely not Disney’s target market this year. We already decided that we will not be renewing our APs and make take a year or two off from Disney. :sad:


A LOUNGE! Well, that’s just not fair. I always miss out on the good stuff. :dry:


I don’t think you are being picky at all PH. I decided not to renew mine this trip. I don’t know if I will get another one in the future or not, but I am sad to see all these cuts. Don’t they know that pass holders are there often and spend money in their shops and restaurants often…? Shame they are relying on the fly by vacation family that comes maybe only once in their life.


Do they still have the babies lounge right next to the Crystal Palace in MK? If so maybe we could borrow a baby and lounge there!


Haha…I was thinking the same thing :tongue: Or maybe even the first aid station???


I’m still trying to figure out why the VOUCHER that you turn in is PLASTIC and the pass which is supposed to last for a year of park use is paper!?!

And I STILL can’t log into the stupid passholder site. When my 2005 pocket guide was falling apart I asked for the 2006 and all you get is a junk folder that says to visit the website for details.


Well, all sorts of things are moving to a paperless, internet-enabled approach nowadays, so I’m not too troubled and will be happy to get whatever form of AP they will give us once we’re down there. :happy:



Anyone know why no AP rates for JULY yet?


WDW APs used to be plastic and had both a bar code identifier and the passholder’s photo. Disney switched to the current mylar paper tickets in 1996. I’ve often wondered if Disney gives passholders the cheap paper tickets as a cost-cutting measure because they have to be replaced so often when the magnetic strip on the ticket becomes demagnetized.

During events like the Food & Wine Festival and the Flower & Garden Festival, we use our APs at least twice a week. I’d guess that approximately every fourth or fifth time at least one of our passes won’t work in the scanner and must be replaced because it’s become demagnetized.

Last week when we renewed our APs, neither of our still valid 2005 passes would work in the Epcot turnstiles because the Guest Relations CM managed to demagnetize them when she scanned them to produce our new APs. It’s obviously cheaper for WDW to replace a piece of paper than a piece of plastic with a photo on it.

But, yes, returning to a more durable AP would be nice.


I doubt it’s a cost issue. They hand out room keys like tic-tacs.

those plastic cards must be fairly cheap, because, for example, wal-mart has 1000s of them on display for gift cards. I see them all over the place. They aren’t guarded or anything, as if they are a possible cost.

Just my thoughts on the mattah! :wink:


And my MVMCP pass (SINGLE USE!!!) was plastic…and not even a Christmas type pic so no value as keepsake either.


Our passes are up for renewal on June 15. Do they send a reminder in the mail or is it up to the passholder to call and renew?


As always, I agree with you ParkHopper. Don’t get me started on the AP issue.
My Brother-In-Law (PistolJerry) has been making those same comments about the paper passes for a couple of years. He and my sister are there now actually. Just got there this afternoon.