Another magical express question


ok…What if my DS came in on a flight that lands at 9:30 pm, get to AKV (jambo) 10:30 ish, when does his luggage get delivered?

They are only staying the one night at AK, then moving to POP one night and then BLT for 6 nights. This one night at AK (in our room) is a last min. We are doing AKV/BLT. I was thinking of sending ALL the luggage to our BLT room. After dinner on saturday at Ohana, they can stop by our BLT room, get what they need and then go check into POP. The next day when they come back to check into BLT, they can just get the luggage from our room. Does this make sense to anyone???:wacko:

Now the big question is…do they HAVE TO deliver DS’s luggage to our AKV room if we are all checking out in a few hours and moving to BLT?



I would call them. I have no idea what they could do but I think they would appreciate only having to move the luggage one time. Good Luck!


That’s a whole lotta resort switching lol


I think I would not use ME for the luggage. Your DS can just pick up the luggage at baggage claims and bring it to the ME line. They will then load the luggage in the compartment under the bus for him to grab when arriving at the resort.


Good idea because if he doesn’t you could be looking at a knock on the door around 2am when it is delivered :blink:


I asked MS if they delivered bags during the night. They said no.

The idea of getting the bags themselves is a good one.

The reason for all the switching…first night WAS always going to be one night at POP…(we didn’t have any more DVC points to use)and then BLT. We have a family meal planned at ohana, DS and DDIL would miss it because of flight times. Now since DDIL lost her job and there was a flight on friday for the same price as the “too late for dinner” flight. DS switched flights. So one night they are staying at AKV with us. No extra cost except for a counter service meal. With DVC, there is no extra charge for people like there is with regular resorts.


Definately grab the bags getting in that late.

The bag tags will be based on 1st night stay.


Actually DS talked to ME and they said they would just deliver the bags to POP. I told DS be prepared with clothes and stuff for 24 hrs. I can see lost bags in the near future. ME is sending out new tags. Don’t know how they would put him on a bus for AKV with bags going to POP. Does anyone know what resorts are grouped on ME buses? Well, maybe my TR title will be how to lose your suitcases in one easy step.

All this craziness just for a family dinner. This will be my DDIL second trip to disney. First trip was honeymoon and they hardly went on any rides and such. DS thinks disney is getting up 11 and getting to parks at 1. Where did I go wrong??? So this trip we have to show her the right way to see disney.

Thanks everybody for the info. :flowers: