Another MNSSHP question


Hello all! We went trick or treating over the weekend at a campground that had themed weekends.
Anyhow… I seen a few kids with a black felt looking bag with disney world printed on it with a ghost mickey. I asked the dad where did they get them and he advised at MNSSHP.

I was wondering can this be purchased anywhere in Disney at this time or just at the parties and if so how much is it?

Also we watch the parade on you tube all the time and I cant get the parade song out of my head. Do they sell the CD?

Thanks all!!!

12 more days and counting… I cant wait:heart:


I have one of those bags, we actually got it at our resort, it was NOT exclusively for the MNSSHP. I think I paid $9.99 for it. They may have something similar this year, perhaps not the same design.


They are also selling real cute recycled plastic treat bags at the Disney Store for only $2.50 or so…all the characters dressed up for halloween…too cute! I think the felt bag was sold at a discount with another purchase, like buy for $8 with a purchase of $50 or something like that.


Thanks guys! Ill have to check out my Disney store but I really LOVED the Mickey ghost one. Its too cute.
They had 4 kids each had a bag so I hope they didnt spend $200 just to get the promo :laugh:


This is the treat bag I am talking about… Tried to copy the pic but cant so here is a link.

Walt Disney World TRICK or TREAT Halloween Mickey Bag - eBay (item 170377067985 end time Sep-04-09 23:39:07 PDT)


Oh, that IS super cute! We’ll definitely have to find something similar when we’re at the World for MNSSHP.


That is so cute I love it, I guess that we’ll be searching for something else while we are there. The items keep adding up


I don’t know about the bags, but I do know they do have MNSSHP cds! Baloo has one that has the Pirate & Princess party music on it too - they may have made a new version of the cd now since the P&P is off. I’ll ask him where he got his and get back to you. :happy:



I hope they do sell the MNSSHP music. I can see myself jamming out in my car:laugh:


HA I’m the same as you tinkerbelle I would jam to the MNSSHP c.d in my car too!!! Year round


My oldest already thinks Im a dork and wants no part of Disney:laugh: She may have to ride on the roof:laugh::laugh:



I hope they do sell the MNSSHP music. I can see myself jamming out in my car:laugh:[/QUOTE]

Oh my gosh, Baloo plays this cd in his car ALL THE TIME. :laugh:

I just called him and he said he got it at the World of Disney store in their music section. It’s called “Magic Kingdom Event Party Music” and it has MNSSHP, P&P, and the “Dream Along with Mickey” castle show.

I found a tracklist here: Magic Kingdom Event Party Music CD - Disney Shopping at The Laughing Place Store

Hallowishes: Calling All Ghosts! “It’s Time to Socialize”
Halloween “Kooky-Spooky” Scary-Okee
Villains Halloween Party Mix
The Great Holiday Scream-Along
We Put a Spell On You
Boo To You Halloween Parade: Mickey’s Boo to You Bash
Yo Ho Pirates Palooza
Haunted Mansion Cemetery Soiree
Halloween Hottenanny Hoedown
Villains Groove-A-Go-Go
Goofy’s Trick or Treat Candy Hop
Pirate and Princess Party: Enchanted Adventures Parade
Music, Magic and Mahem: Let the Magic, Music and Mayhem Begin!
The Fairy Godmother Gets Busy
The Skies Are Alive with Romance
A Royal Surprise
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! / Storming the Castle
Pixie Dust Prevails and Dreams Come True
Bonus Tracks: Halloween Villains Mix and Mingle
Pirate and Princess “Main Street Yo Ho”
Dream Along with Mickey: Join the Party
The Dreams Begin
Dreams of Happily Ever After
Dreams of Adventurous Exploits
Maleficent Descends
Dreams Come True / Any Dream is Possible

I think it’s a little on the expensive side, but it’s SO worth it for the MNSSHP music alone!!

Hope you have a great time at the party! Boo to you! :happy:


Thats an impressive track list! Im surprised my dad doesn’t have that CD because he seems to buy a few every trip lol! His car is full of them and he’s definatly had some off looks when hes sat at the traffic lights lol! Makes driving more fun though!

Ive never seen thoses bags before but I love them! They are so so cute!