Another Ohana Review


I’m happy to tell you guys that we LOVED our dinner at Ohanas. The food was delicious. With the exception of the sweet and sour shrimp served with the shells on, we thought it was all wonderful. That’s a crazy idea to serve soemthing with a sauce on a food that needs the shell removed. It took all the sauce off with it! Not to mention it was messy. But, they did serve us those hot handtowels after the shrimp to wash it off.

The new additions to the menu were delicious. The potatoes tasted great, the mixed vegetables were crisp and fresh, the salad was yummy and the fried wonton chips went quite well with the three dipping sauces. I didn’t try the sausage (I’m not a fan of sausage), but everyone else in my party did and they all agreed it was delicious.

The biggest surprise of all was the dessert. We were thrilled with it. In fact, my friend Geri was so taken with it, she spent the rest of the trip perusing menus looking for anything even vaguely resembling Bananas Foster Bread Pudding.

I was sad I only had room left for a few bites! :sad:


You are so right ddoll…we loved it too! It seems that a lot of people are pleasantly surprised by the dessert. I’m one of them!
I didn’t leave enough room either:(


We all loved Ohana! Our favorite dinner all week. The kids had a great time. The food was wonderful. The barbequed chicken was a big hit with the kids and even the salad was great. The shimp were messy but tasted great just had to work to get the shell off. The desert was awsome. We ate so much food that I didn’t have much room left. Oh I had to try a Lapu Lapu. It was the best!


Add me to the list of people who were pleasantly surprised by the dessert… and who had no room to eat as much as she wanted!

I liked the sausage a lot, too. My only complaint is that wonton chips shouldn’t be called wontons!


thanks ddoll, I can’t wait to try it next month when we go!


I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have every intention of taking my group of six there in oct.


I hope your group of six enjoys it as much as my group of six! :happy: Aloha!


I hear everyone with even an ounce of intelligence loves the bread pudding.



LOL :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


This makes me so happy because when I heard about the menu changes I was less than thrilled. I decided, though, to give it a whirl on our next trip, (IN 10 DAYS!), and it’s our first night dinner. Thank you for your positive report! I’m now looking REALLY forward to it!


That sounds like a great meal!! I plan on trying it next time around…can’t wait…YUM!! Thanks for posting the review!!


Is this a family style meal? What if you are one person with a very very picky 6 yr old? It sounds like a fun atmosphere. :mickey:


I too LOVED this meal!!! It will be a DEFINITE must do on every trip!

Oh, and as for the picky 6 year old, they also have some stuff from a regular kids menu that you can order off of! (ie Chicken Fingers)


sounds like an excellent meal! I liked, but didnt love, the old Ohana menu…do they still have steak?


Yes Bella, they do still have the steak, turkey (my favorite), and pork.

This meal is served family style, but I’m sure they would adapt it to serve one. That way your little one could order from the kids menu and still sample anything you have if he/she wants.

They do coconut races and hoola hoop contests for the kids there as well as a parade through the restaurant. Kids as well as adults love Ohanas.


Oh, yeah…come on FRIDAY NIGHT.

Trip #3 to Ohana’s this year.

Fasting all week to perpare!!! :biggrin:

And I LOVE bread pudding - but I’m going to miss the pineapple and caramel. :sad:


I thought I’d miss it too, but the new dessert was even better. And truthfully, I never have much room left for dessert anyway. I always make such a pig of myself at the dinner that I only have room for a few token bites of dessert.