Another One Down


Astro Orbiter: Closed for Refurbishment [September 9, 2007 to September 22, 2007]

Plus all the things reported about MGM anything gonna be open?


what?!!? we get there on the 22nd, hope its open for sure that next week (you know, sometimes they take longer than expected). I haven’t been on it yet, and am looking forward to it.

thanks for the info!


It seems a little wrong to shut down attractions for refurb during periods in which they’re trying to lure crowds there with incentives like the free DDP, etc.


Maybe that’s why they did offer the free dining. Look at this way, though, crowds will be low!


That’s the thing. I think the crowds will tend to be larger than usual (for an “off season”) because of the free DDP.

I guess they figure the free chow is a fair trade-off.


We did free dining two years ago and the parks were really quiet. There were a lot of rehabs then too, but most of the rides were a walk on. I’m willing to trade off!


I guess it is better then shutting it down during the summer and Christmas when the crowds are heavier.


Can’t say that Astro-Orbitor has ever been a big favourite of ours. We’ve tried it maybe twice. This is about the norm for closures in off-season. For a couple of years while they were busy constructing Everest and Soarin’, they seemed to ease up on the refurbs. I guess now they’re catching up. I will miss Spaceship Earth, but it’s due for refurbishment. Always a good reason to start planning your next trip.

There are no confirmed closures at MGM. A lot of rumours, but no confirmed closures.


I expect it will. Your best chances will be on the 23rd during evening EMH and first thing in the mornings when MK opens. Lines build fast and access is strictly controlled by the elevators.


Astro-Orbitor isn’t a favorite of mine. I always thought it looked so cool. When I rode it about 4 years ago I was about 40-45 pounds heavier than I am now and a size 12 and it wasn’t the easiest to get in and out of. I think it is made for smaller people. I never tried it after I lost the weight so I’m not sure how it would be now.


We did the free dining Labor Day week last Fall and crowds were almost non-existent. On Labor Day itself, they turned off the fastpass machines in MK because the crowd was too small.