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We want to see some shows (like beauty and the beast). Is there a place for me find a schedule? Also how do you get tickets?



Show times can change but here is a site that does keep up with them. :smile:Click on Park names at the top to see what shows are in what park. [Beauty and The Beast is located in “Studios”.]
Walt Disney World Live Entertainment

From Link:
Beauty and The Beast
A Broadway-style production at the Theater of the Stars
30-minute shows
12:15, 1:30, 2:45, 4:45 & 6:30pm
Wednesday also at 11:00am

Park tickets can be ordered at the link below and include in-park shows like Beauty and The Beast.
Walt Disney World Tickets | Disneyworld Tickets | Disney World Reservations | Walt Disney World Resort Resort


Also, you can check show times when you’re in WDW by looking at a Times Guide for each park (pick them up at Guest Services in your hotel or in the theme parks) or by checking the Tip Board at each theme park (just ask a cast member where it is).


It’s a great show! You will love it. Don’t wory if you forget the schedule times as when you get to each park you can pick up a map which has all show times in them for each week too. :mickey:


I love Beauty & the Beast!!! It’s my all time favorite show at WDW. Also be sure not to miss Cars Motors Action while you’re at the Studios. Same goes for Festival of the Lion King at AK. It’s always a good idea to arrive at least 15-20 min. before these popular shows start to score good seats. They fill up fast.


Once you have your theme park tickets the shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc., they don’t require a seperate admission ticket (if that’s what you meant)


A few years ago when we were in CA we said Aladdin and I remember standing in a huge line for tickets and then we had to wait again in lines for seats.

So the only thing i need to do is get there early for shows? Do they run them several times?

If you can’t tell I havent been to Disney in almost 30 years!!! We went to Ca twice a few years ago. Im excited to go but worried about the crowds. We just got back from Vegas and I hated the crowds and lines, and HEAT.

My girls have seen beauty and lion king on broadway and loved it. So i want to check out the disney shows. I remember Aladdin being awesome.

What is the Ariel show?

Is there an Ariel lunch? There was one in CA (and it was the highlight of my girls trip).


The shows are several times a day. They fit tons of people in there, so you should be able to get a seat no problem. The ariel show or better known as “voyage of the little mermaid” can be a bit tricky. It doens’t seat as many people as the beauty and the beast show. I would get a fast pass for that, so you are guaranteed entry for the next show, or go to the very first show of the day. There is no ariel lunch at WDW to the best of my knowledge, but I could be wrong. My DD isn’t into princesses any longer, so we have skipped those meals the last couple of times. There is the cinderella’s royal table princess breakfast, lunch and dinner in the magic kingdom. You will have trouble getting into that breakfast, but may be able to get in for lunch or dinner. You can also go to the princess storybook breakfast in Epcot’s norway. They also do all three meals. Last but not least in 1900 park fare dinner at the grand floridian resort. Cinderella is present for dinner along with like characters from her movie. You should grab a copy of the Unofficial Guide to WDW and try to read through some of their tour plans. You are going to find some crowds when you are going and one of their touring plans may help you with lines. Also, if you do nothing else at all, make sure you are on hand for the park opening every day. You will get some serious touring in during those early morning hours. Avoid early entry like the plague.


I think everyone answered your show questions so far…Dana is a great wealth of information, and very thorough!

As far as Ariel, we did get to see her at the Princess Storybook Breakfast in Epcot. She was dressed in her ballgown. Moreso, there is an attraction in MK called “Ariel’s Grotto” which is a walk through a tiny fountain/splash park, to a one on one meet and greet with Ariel, as the mermaid, in a beautifully decorated Ariel. There is a fastpass photographer there, and you can also take your own pics. I would recommend you get there as soon as it opens. Ariel usually arrives there about an hour after MK/fantasyland opens. We were there just as it opened at 10 am (after touring Fantasyland from 9-10) and had no wait. Ariel was very friendly, and beautiful, and we got some great pics!