Another Rainy Pirate and Princess Party? NOOOO!


Next Saturday, we’ll be going to the Pirate and Princess Party. I think I’ve been looking forward to the party more than any other part of the trip. While I know 10-day forecasts are not very accurate, I cannot help but notice that it says “showers” for that day.

I’ve been to 2 other parties. Both times it rained. and rained. and rained. (and it was the only rain we had either trip!!!) Am I destined not to enjoy a dry Pirate and Princess Party??? Pixie dust PLEASE!!!


sending lots and lots of pixie dust


awww- that stinks! I will say that every time we go there is rain in the forecast each day. Most of the time it ends up being just rain at night while we are asleep- fingers crossed and pixie dust for you!


We all know that the 10 day forecast is not very accurate. Pixie dust in hopes of a dry P&P party coming your way…


tons of pixie dust!!!


It’s not gonna rain :wink:


I watched the 10 day forecast constantly before this past trip and drove myself crazy! I’m sending pixie dust for you!


Yeah, what she said! :laugh:


Pixie Dust for a Clear Beautiful night.


Hopefully it will be only early morning showers and your evening will be clear and dry.

Lots of pixie dust headed your way.


You definately have Pixie Dust coming from me!!! We went to P&PP in Aug and it was raining and it really took away from the whole party.

With all this pixie dust you are sure to have clear skies!!! :wub: Have a great time!!!


If the weather forecast is as accurate as ours is I wouldnt take too much notice!
Heres hoping for a bright clear and dry beautiful day for you.


Thanks everyone!! Between the forcast and finding out this morning that Splash Mountain really will be closed, I’m having a little pre-trip depression…


Oh gosh Jen, let me tell you what… that dang party is like cursed or something! I STILL have faith that once the Disney gods realize I am not there with you for THIS P&PP it won’t rain. It’s me, I’m conviced. I bet you it won’t rain a drop. And you know what, if it does, you are now an EXPERT on “getting around the P&PP in the rain!” :laugh:


think of it this way… its not rain- its very wet pixie dust!


Don’t worry!!! I live here… and the predictions are typically wrong. Today, they predicted showers for us in Cape Coral and it is a sun filled day. I will be up there in 13 days and can’t wait.


I hope you’re right!!!

BTW…they are predicting Snow here on Feb. 1st, the day we’re to fly out, too…wonderful…


I hope so too. Good luck and I will be praying for you No Snow and No Rain!


Until it’s a 24 hour forecast I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sending tons of Pixie Dust for a warm and rain free trip.

I looked at the 10 day forecast every day before our trip and it changed almost daily.


I live here too, I’m in Palm Beach (Wellington) which is about 2.5 hours away, it suppose to have rained here too, but it’s just been gray and overcast! I’ll send you lots of PIXIE DUST, cuz were going on the 9th and I don’t want it to rain either! :blush: