Another really short visit


We had finally left Miami (the job there was very stressful) and decided we needed a couple of days to relax. Where better to relax than the happiest place on earth. Except, not so relaxing. Ummm, not offend anyone ( I mean if you like May), but I’ll never go in May again.

We arrived at our campground in Clermont in the late afternoon on Friday May 2. We had promised DS he could go to DtD and the Lego store for part of his birthday gift.

So once we were set up at the campground, we drove to DtD, got there in no time, and found a great parking spot.

I have heard so many good reviews of EoS that I really wanted to try it, so that is where we ate. I was not disappointed. It looked really crowded when we arrived, but the line moved quickly and efficiently.

DH and I got the Full Montagu, DS got the Hawaiin BBQ, and DD had a grilled chicken Caesar wrap. DH and I both had chicken and rice soup as well. Everything was really good. I took pics of the food, but they seem to be lost. I can’t find them on either memory card on either camera.


After dinner it was off to the WoD to look around and see what I might need. Well we struck out there. DD wanted a HM towel, they were out. I saw the cutest Mary Jane Disney Crocs, they didn’t fit right. One size was too small and the next size felt too big.

Next I wanted some salt and pepper shakers, they didn’t have any I liked. Finally I got frustrated as it was VERY crowded and people kept bumping into me, so we left.

We took DS to the Lego store. He was happy to fill a container with loose Legos and just check out the new stuff they had. After finishing up in there, time for so dessert right? WRONG, Ghirardelli is closed for refurbishment. No ice cream sundaes for us. :angry:

So we left for the evening, but tomorrow was another day and we had plans for Aquatica.

We have annual Busch passes, so we had been wanting to check out the new water park as it would be fun and no additional cost.

So the next morning we got dress in swimming attire, lathered on the sunscreen, and headed out the door. We got close to the are and waited in traffic for 30 mins only to find out that at 11:00 a.m. (OK, we were a little late, but they had just opened at 10:00 a.m.) they were FULL!:ohmy:

Now what to do, go to one of the parks, go home :sad: , no DH says Why don’t we go to Typhoon Lagoon, we have never been there before (gosh I love this man :wub: :wub: ). Well we don’t have water park passes, actually we don’t even have our AP’s because we were planning on going to Aquatica.

Well, no problemo, we showed ID, got our passholders discount on day tix, and were in TL by noon.

We really enjoyed ourselves. Crush-n-Gusher and the shark reef were our favorites. They lagoon had some serious waves and the kids were thrilled.


After our day of fun in the sun, we changes clothes and decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, the Trail’s End buffet at FW.

So we drove over to FW, parked and got a bus to the Settlement Depot. Our driver was very nice and informative and mentioned all the things you can do at the Settlement. He mentioned Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. Oh, we have always wanted to try this, so DH went to the ticket window and was told that they had availability for the 6:30 seating, it was 6:25.

I have to run out for a bit right now, but my MBYBBQ review coming up.


Here are a couple of pics.


Better than no visit at all!

After all this time, today is the first time I noticed that your name is tiMkelmom, not TINKelmom. I am sometimes slow on the uptake. :laugh:


Here are some from EoS.


You’re right, it was nice to be able to visit. No big deal about the name, it happens all the time. Tim-Kel is a combination of my kids names. I use it for a lot of things.


I would have rather gone to TL then SW swimming. Good choice…


So glad you to go to TL and sorry the other one was filled to capacity…must be the newness of it that everyone wanting to go there right away.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of MBYBBQ:heart:


I’ll find out about Aquatica some other time. We plan on trying again some time at a later date. We really enjoyed TL though.


I’m sorry to say that my review is not a good one. We had a pretty bad experience. We actually got our money refunded and went to eat at Trail’s End instead.


All that food looks YUMMY!


The food did actually look pretty good, unfortunately we did not get a chance to enjoy any of it.


Oh no, my friends have ressies for the BBQ . . . fill me in!

Glad you like TL . . . I have not been there in over 12 years . . . my DDs really want to go . . . badly! :happy:


OK, here’s what happened. We arrived to the BBQ area. It is set up with rows of picnic tables, which were all full. We could not find even a small space for 4 people. There were people saving spaces and there were reserved tables, for whom I don’t know.

We had plates of food in our hands and began getting frustrated right away. Secondly the music was ridiculously loud and we were literally yelling at each other to be heard. DH and DS immediately knew they could not stay. This was not at all what I expected.

DS has Aspergers and has sensory issues. Although they do not usually affect him that much anymore, this was way too much and he was immediately in sensory overload. DH put his plate down and left the area saying that he could not dine in this atmosphere.

I’m glad that I don’t have little kids because face time with the characters was insane. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and I think I saw Pluto were in a sea of little face and hands grabbing, tugging, whining, and some just dancing.

I was not at all impressed with the way this dinner/show was organized or should I say unorganized.

On the plus side, the food was all you care to eat and the beverages including wine and beer were free flowing.

We left the area right away and went back to the ticket window. The CM knew why we were there as it had only been about 5-10 mins. since we bought our tix.

She actually just voided the transaction and was very pleasant about the whole thing.

So we went to Trails End, where we also had a less than magical experience. More on that later, I need to hit the hay. I’ll be back in the a.m.


Oh my, that food at EoS looks so delicious! :tongue: I still have yet to eat there…

I’m sorry you had such an awful experience at MBYBBQ. :pinch: That is too bad!But I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!!


I am sorry you had a bad experience at the BBQ, but I am glad you posted about it. I think both my DH & DS would have had a sensory overload event if we were there. Crowds and excessive noise, no thank you.

At least you had a good meal at EOS!


The EoS food was delicious, the MBYBBQ food looked good, but we never got a chance to try it.


I am so sorry to hear you had not just one, but two bad dining experiences in one day…hope the rest of the trip was positive.


OK, I left off with our decision to have Trail’s End. We have been staying and eating at FW for about 5 years now. Trail’s End was our go to place. It was busy, but there was never a wait. When we first started eating there they didn’t even take ADR’s, or if they did, you certainly didn’t need one. It was a lot of really good food, great service, in a nice atmosphere that we really enjoyed.

We arrived a the podium to see about a table and were told in 35-45 mins. we could have one :eek: . We have never had to wait for a table before, OK maybe like 5 or 10 mins.

At this point my DH was ready to get in the car and leave, but I convinced him that it would be worth the wait, so we walked around a bit, checked out the Settlement Trading post, DH and DD played checkers, we sat in the rocking chairs for a bit, and the time actually went pretty quickly. Before we knew it our buzzer thingy was going off and it was time to eat.

We were seated and our server came promptly. The rest of the meal was great. All the shrimp and ribs you can eat, plus they have added a soft-serve ice cream machine. We ate until our bellies were full and decided a visit to the MK was in order.

The kids really wanted to ride BTMR and Splash, PoTC was on my to do list, and DH just goes with the flow. We encountered a problem we had not considered when we arrived. It was 9:00 by the time we reached the MK gate and it was a Spectro night. Can I just tell you how difficult it was to get to Frontierland during a parade? We had to go around the longest way possible through TL, FL, and Liberty Square and then down this pathway that runs along the water across from TS Island.

The good news is that once we got through the masses, there were hardly any people back by the mountains. The kids rode BTMR 2x in a row and SM with no wait at all. We made our way to AL and had time for PoC and still had time to go back to TL for a spin with Buzz.

After this we decided to go and try to beat some of the crowds exiting the park. Closing time was 11:00 and we had to get on the road tomorrow for a 9 hour drive back to ATL.

We went to the boat dock and waited 30 mins. for the boat. They only had one boat running to FW and we had to wait for it to go to FW and return to MK because of the fact that we had just missed the boat when we arrived.

We finally made it back to FW and had to wait for the bus to get us back to the parking lot, but we got there eventually and made our way home.

I have to say that this trip was less magical for me than others past, but I guess I should have expected more crowds in the Spring.

I look forward to our next trip in Sept. when I get to dine for free and show my mom the place I love. She has not been in 25 years and I look forward to sharing all the new stuff (for her that is almost everything) with her and I am hoping it will be magical for her.

Thanks for letting me vent a little and sharing my experiences with all of you.