Another reminder of Disney


today i started an internship at the Liberty Science Center. you can pretty much guess what the place is about based on the title for those of you who are not from Jersey.

there is a 30 minute movie that is played on the hour every hour about defense mechanisms that animals use to protect themselves from predators. so, i go into the theatre to watch the movie and was magically transported to EPCOT all thanks to the music. I swear I thought I was going to look up and find Spaceship Earth in the room because that was the same exact music you hear playing while you’re around Spaceship Earth. I wanted to cry when I heard the music. but, it brought back a lot of happy memories for the few moments that the song was playing before the movie started.


Oh I know what you mean! I went wedding cake shopping today, and one of the cake shops had a teacup cake that was so cute, it made me think of Disneyland and the teacup ride! It made me wish I were there.


I :heart: the Liberty Science Center. But wait, isn’t it closed for refurb now?


Yeah, I thought it was still closed as well. That would be great news if it’s opened again, my kids are the perfect ages.


Many things transport me to a Disney vacation memory. Isn’t it wonderful?!


for the Jerseyans, the LSC has an exhibit at the Historical Train Station at Liberty State Park. the LSC will be open next year with a whole new section that will include activities for the little ones.


Each time I drive down a dirt road on my island in my jeep, I find myself on the Indiana Jones ride.

The abundant lush tropical growth doesn’t hurt the imagination, either…