Another resort question for the experts!


For things like this I always need the advice of the experts, you guys!
I am hoping to take my parents for food and wine this year, now here comes the question(s):

Would it be better to get 2 rooms in a moderate or a one bedroom villa at a home away from home?

Which HAFH resort and why? Of course the only things really available to me is SSR, OKW, and BWV, which my DW is of course leaning towards BW.

THanks guys looking forward to hearing you advice, tips, and thought! :happy:


I think it would depend on how much each cost, how much you are willing to spend, and how much you will feel cramped in the villa. If they are the same price, or close to it, I think I would go with 2 rooms at a moderate. I think it would give each family unit a little more privacy and not feeling like they’re on top of each other, plus I don’t plan on cooking on vacation. You have to weight the pros and cons of each.


DST, we have done both of those options. The HAFW we stayed at was Boardwalk Villas (1br), and it was so incredibly nice! Beautiful, luxurious and easy to get into Epcot through the International Gateway. Having the kitchen was lovely. It was absolutely perfect in every way. It really could not get any better! We took pics of the bathroom so we could build it into our house someday!
The price was really very high. It was worth it, but still it was a budget killer.

We have also had connecting rooms at Port Orleans Riverside and also at Caribbean Beach Resort. You have plenty of room to spread out, but you do have to take the bus to Epcot (where you enter through Future World. This can be tough for older guests who will need to walk around to World Showcase), and you have no access to a kitchen However, the resort is wonderful and homey and we love it. The price for two rooms was way less than the HAFH one-bedroom.


If you can swing the $$$, go with Boardwalk Villas or Beach Club Villas for the luxury and location. You won’t regret it! If you are on a budget, the mods will be completely lovely.


I guess it depends on how cozy you are with your parents. A 1 bedroom only has one bathroom so getting ready might be rushed. The sink and mirror is in the bathroom of the 1 bedroom so one person can’t be getting ready while another is in the shower unless you know each other really well. :wink:

With parents I would go with 2 rooms for more space. We almost almost always go to WDW with friends or family and get the extra room for a little time away. Everyone needs a break, 24/7 is sometimes tough to do even with the people you love the most.


Naturally its going to be cheaper for the two rooms in the moderate, about a $500 difference. I do love my parents, but the last time we all shared a hotel room at disney was about 10 years ago off property.
I am really on the fence though, since both ideas are very appealing. Having our own room and own bathroom would be really great. On the flip side at the end of the day I just like sitting in the living room and talking with my parents. If we have seperate rooms, then we’re in one room or the other, if we’re in a villa I can just walk out into the living room. I could also just get connecting rooms in a moderate too, which also would be pretty easy.
Just talked to DW about it and as much as she wants a BWV, she’s also thinking that the money we save with 2 mods can get her a AP and some nice dinners for the fam.
How about the Villas at OKW, I heard they were quite large, would there be room there for a family of 4 adults and 1 infant?? The bathroom is my only concern, I don’t want people to have to walk through my bedroom to get to the bathroom…


Have you looked into renting points from a DVC member?

Boardwalk Villas are absolutely beautiful - and the convenience of Epcot is wonderful. For a lot of elbow room and if you’re still looking into HAFH - OKW has the biggest villas of all. (and is the cheapest) They are huge. And the set-up of the bathroom is different, so one person can shower, while another can have a bath - without getting up close and intimate. :dry: OKW’s atmosphere is very laid back and quiet. Like a small village. Maybe something your parents would enjoy.


I know you didn’t mention value, but cost is always a consideration, so have you thought about the family suites at all star music. It’s two rooms with two bathrooms. But off hand I don’t remember the sleeping situation for the second (living) room. I’ve never seen them myself, but I just thought I would mention it.


renting points from DVC wouldn’t be that great of an option, since the cm discount pretty much cuts any other offer from anywhere else. Still I will have to schedule a presentation one day since they are having really good DVC rates for cm’s…just don’t want to take time out of vacation…

After my honeymoon, my wife has vowed never to stay in a budget ever again. I have tried getting her to stay at Pop, showing her pics and all but cant persuade her. Cause I can get 2 rooms at a budget for the price of 1 mod. I spend nights just pricing this stuff, is that sad??

Keep the opinions and advice coming! The thing that scares me about OKW is the size though, it seems like some of the villas are far from the main areas. I do like the size of them though, cause it does seem they would offer enough room for all of us.


Each area has it’s own pool and bus stop - so you’re not far from those. The main pool area and Hospitality House are usually within 5 to 15 minutes walk of most of the villas.


I’d suggest an alternative that might or might not cost about the same. Have you looked into a Garden Wing suite at the Contemporary. Either that or one of the other deluxe’s suites. They’ll offer the living room, and hopefully that extra bathroom. I’m blue skying here. I don’t know what is actually offered, but yo should look into all alternatives.


Personally, I would go with the 2 seperate rooms, but maybe try to get adjoining rooms so you can be together when you want and seperate when you want. That is what we did on our last trip with family. It worked out well for us.


Go for the 2 BR. One bedroom is tight - it’s the main bedroom and a pull out in the living room.


I would have to agree with IIama. We had this very issue back in February/March. We were/are taking my inlaws to WDW and we have two young children. We did not know what to do with our room situation.

After about a month of going back and forth between two connecting moderate rooms (which could not be guarenteed, and with which we could not sit outside the rooms at night while the kids slept to just socialize with one another)or one HAFH Villa ,we decided that we were being foolish to waste the money on a weeks stay (Over $3500) when we could take the money and put it down to buy into the DVC and have our accomodations paid for from now on!

That being said… Not every one has the same intentions as we do (going to WDW with our kids every or every other year), so to each their own! We have booked a weeks stay at Old Key West in a 2 bedroom villa for September and are looking forward to every moment. They seem extreamly spacious and we are are especially looking forward to sharing some good times with my inlaws just relaxing on the balcony once the kids are fast asleep rehashing our days!