Another silly Kidani?


I read somewhere that Kidani has underground parking. Does anyone know if a Honda Odyssey with a roof rack will fit height wise? What about a conversion van? Thanks!!


It’s not underground, but there is roofing to the parking, more like an overhang. The overhang is high—You will fit!


There’s pretty much no way to build anything underground in most of Florida.
The only way you get “underground” is to build up a 15 foot high hill first. You know, like Magic Kingdom.
Generally for parking, they’ll give you a clearance height of about 9 feet in most Florida garages.


It is a parking garage, but plenty of clearance. We have an Excursion and we had no problems with height or length. Have a great trip.


Parking is ground level with hotel above. Won’t be a problem.


I know everyone says the covered parking is convenient, but I have to say, I can’t stand the way it looks. That building just doesn’t look like Disney from the outside, more like a warehouse. It just seems like they lacked on the detail with this one.


I agree - I really don’t understand why they did that - except maybe to save space? It really is unattractive - and until you’ve had the parking system explained to you - totally confusing.


I agree! Last year we were so confused as to where to go… Each section of the garage is named after a character from the lion king movie, and each section has it’s own elevator. While it is unattractive I do like having the covered parking and not having to have to walk across the parking lot etc to get to a resort like at AKL & WL. And works really well if you happen to get caught in a florida shower.
You will have no problem fitting your vehicles, and if for some reason it didnt there is an oversized parking section however it is not covered.