Another Thomas Kinkade Painting


Just read about this on the Disney Gallery site. You knew it was just a matter of time. I’m going broke!!!

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts - Events, Product Releases & Promotions - Walt Disney World - Morning Star Breakfast with Thomas Kinkade


That is SO awesome!! Can’t wait to see it in the Thomas Kinkade gallery nearby. I bet I know someone who’s going to add it to her Christmas list.


Wow! That is gorgeous! I hope Santa brings that to me for Christmas! It will look nice next to my Disneyland Castle!


We have a framed print of the Kinkade painting commemorating the 50th anniversary. This one is sure to be breathtaking as well.


Well, I have to say I’m not much of a Kinkade fan, but those paintings could definately change my mind!


Just curious, anyone have any idea how much that would sell for?


Um, yeah, I want one. :wub:


Found this at mouseplanet . . .

“Both the gicleé on canvas and gicleé on paper will be available in standard numbered and artist’s proof limited editions, and will be available both framed and unframed, at prices ranging from $230 (gicleé on paper, 18"x24”, unframed) to $2,410 (gicleé on canvas, 30"x40", framed). Shipping is extra, at prices ranging from $49.95 to $84.95."

I want the $2,410 one to be a “dream prize.” And I want to win it!:blink: :laugh:


it’s $150 per person to go to the breakfast event. okie, so you know there’s at least 2 of you going if you’re in WDW. so that’s $300. then tack on the price of whatever you buy, cheapest kinkade you can probably get unframed being appx $250. i mean, like, HOLY CATFISH THAT’S ALOT-O-MONEY :eek: :pinch: absolutely beautiful though…


We purchased the Disneyland 50th Anniversary painting and DW called the local gallery today to make sure we are on the waiting list.


Wow!! We will be there then, but I don’t think I can swing $150 per person!:closedeye


That is gorgeous. I wish i could afford it.