Another ticket question


I had posted this on a different ticket thread but got no responses so I’m trying again.

I ask Disney a ticket question and here’s the answer I got by email, but I still don’t quite get it.

My question to disney.

“If you buy a say 6 day ticket with hopping, waterparks and no
expiration, can you later (say two months later) add days or upgrade to
an annual pass? And will the DVC discount, assuming it’s still in
effect, be applied? Thank you.”

Answer from DVC CM

"If you wish to upgrade a Magic Your Way Ticket to an Annual Pass, then
you will have 14 days from the first day of using your Magic Your Ticket
to get have the full value applied. If you return at a later date and
want to upgrade, then you will have a credit for the remaining dates
applied toward the upgrade. "

Ok, so if my DS uses 2 days and upgrades within the 14 days, does the WHOLE ticket cost go toward the AP? And if he returns and wants to upgrade to an AP but only has one day left, how do they figure how much to apply to the AP? And does the AP start with the new date or is it backdated to the previous trip date?


You can use whatever days are left on your hopper as credit towards an annual pass.
However, the credit from your remaining days will be pro-rated.


I had the same question…I have a 6 day base that I want to upgrade to a AP with the DVC discount. How much would it be I’m wondering for my 2 kids upgrade from a 6 day base as well as mine with the discount