Another Tink24 AP question


I was wondering if this is possible…

I am going to WDW next year after christmas. I will have the whole trip pd before I go. I want to get a 8 day park hopper ticket in my MYW package with DDP.
Is it possible to upgrade my adult MYW ticket to an AP and not be kicked off the DDP that I pd for? I want to tell my DH thats what I want for xmas is an upgrade in my ticket and just wanted to know can I do this before I start to pay for the trip.



No, it’s not possible.


Upgrade your ticket on the last day just to avoid problems.
Also, give Disney a call and ask them directly what the current policy is.


This is what I was going to suggest.

I think the planets have aligned.


So on my last day when I only have 1 day left on the ticket I can turn it into an AP?


How can I do this?? I really want to get an AP. Should I just not get the 8 day MYW and pay out of pocket for the DDP?


Wanted to give this a little bump


I was able to purchase a 1-day MYW ticket and still get the dining plan for the whole trip. I used my AP for park entrance and saved my 1-day ticket. I did this last month (September). I would call for clarification!


As long as you haven’t left you should be able to upgrade it at Guest Services. I know you can add the non-expiring to your ticket at the end so you shuold be able to do other things.


Who could I call for the info . When I call 407-w-d-disney I get different answers from different reps. If I still had 1 day left will they credit me the one day to the AP


The DDP is only available to people who are on a package or people who are using or renting DVC points.


Right!I will have the package but is it possible to either

#1) keep the DDP package and upgrade the last day


#2) Get an AP thru WDW and not put me on the ressie so I wont have to get DDP.


Everyone in the room has to be listed on your reservation.


If you are in the room and have a park pass and key, then you have to be on the same plan as everyone else…you are also going to have to pay out of pocket for all your meals.

I do not think you can upgrade your pass when you are on a package, but call and ask.


Ok new paln then… I will just enjoy the whole trip and then make sure I get an AP for xmas but dont activate it till my bday in march so I will have march to march


We did this last year with the free dining.

It was VERY easy. We went to the guest services in the MK. Originally we were looking into making the leftover days non-expiring, but it actually cost LESS to upgrade to an AP. I actually wish we had done this at the beginning of our trip, to get the AP discounts at different activities we did.

Disney would love to upgrade you to an AP from a MYW. That ensures you will be back.

Also…when we upgraded, we were given the full price of the MYW tickets. I’m not sure the details, but the CM knew exactly what she was doing, and was very good at it.


Thanks for that info… Do you know where I could do this at?


WOW…didn’t know that. Thanks for the info lauren.


This is my understanding. You can upgrade any ticket and get the full value toward your AP.


Any Guest Services should be able to help you.