ANOTHER tipping question


Ok, I’m doing some research for our upcoming Feb. trip. The last time we went we had the quick service dining - no tipping to worry about. Before that, tipping was included in the DDP. I was checking out some older threads when I got to thinking…

I’m wondering how many people are unaware that tips are no longer included in the DDP?

I would imagine most MB’ers are savvy enough to keep up with these types of things, but what about the general public who most likely do no research before their trips? Especially if they have booked “free dining”.

Just curious if you have any thoughts…


I believe that when you make reservations that they explain that it does not include the tip.


Yeah, they definitely let you know now. They actually put a space on the check now for the tip. Before, when it was included, it didn’t have the space then (that I remember). It is still worth it though, we maybe spend 150 to 200 on tips now, alot better still than the amount we would pay for the food without the dining plan.


They not only let you know on your receipt that your tip isn’t included, they’re even so nice as to do the math for you and show you what the tip is for 18% and 20% before the sales tax is added.

Right now, I’ve been doing the math comparing OOP with the 20% TIW discount versus the deluxe dining plan, and based on 13 meals with a shared appetizer and 2 mid range priced entrees and the cost is almost the same. If we would be able to use the two remaining meals and max things out a little more, the deluxe dining plan would win, even considering as much as $50 for additional tips.
So, right now, based on DW’s not wanting to gorge on food, OOP is our choice. I’ve got until Monday to change my mind.
(For those who don’t know, Tables In Wonderland is a membership program for passholders and Florida residents that gives a 20% discount on the total bill (alcohol included) for you and your party of up to 10. Against this, you have a mandatory 18% tip (before tax) so your net savings is 2% and you don’t have to worry about the tip. TIW membership also brings with it complimentary valet parking and admission to Atlantic Dance Hall and Jellyrolls (if they are even charging a cover charge anymore))


Hope this is not thread jacking, but on the same page of tipping with ddp, was anyone else confused about how the tip process works when on ddp? Our first meal at O’Hanna, we got the bill, I added the tip on the paper and gave them my room card and told them we were on ddp. They took everything back and when returned didn’t say anything so we left. Then at another restuarant, they had me sign the slip when we were done. So each time, there was a question of the exact correct process.


Thats what happened to us- some made us sign, some just took the filled in slip. One server at Cape May said (in quite an agitated way) we must sign because it was open to fraud? He said even if we put zeros in the tip spaces, we still must sign…But then other servers didn’t say anything.
On the DDP that part is quite confusing.


I wasn’t planning on bringing cash for tips, but I guess that’s what we will do since it seems easier. I liked the old plan where tips were included and you had nothing to worry about - show your room key and go!


Since DW and I both worked F&B for years and all 3 of the kids worked F&B through college I still try to tip in cash even if I charge the meal. I know the servers like cash better. You know why if you have worked F&B.


Sorry, stupid question…What is F&B?


Food and beverage