Another trip is in the books


The title says it all. After 11 months of planning another trip is over. We got home about 12:30 this morning and the luggage is unpacked and already stored away, the laundry is done and all the miscellaneous junk we seem to always collect is put away or thrown away. Yep, the trip is over and there are very few signs of it left other than some great memories.

We had a good trip, no real highs and no real lows. I’m still on the fence about Fastpass+, however, I think the cons outweigh the pros for us. As a junior high teacher, my whole life seems scheduled and vacation is a time I can get away from that but Fastpass+ seemed to take a lot of the flexibility out of our trip. We have always been planners but at the same time we tend to change things around and go with the flow and have never had a touring plan once we got to a park. Other than one ADR most days and a rough plan for which park we’re starting in each day we didn’t plan much else. Now we have to schedule which rides we’re doing at a certain time and it just kind of took some of the fun out of it for us. I’m sure others love their trips highly scheduled and this new system works for them and makes their trip better, we just happen to like more flexibility and have our trips less scheduled.

The parks seemed to be busier than usual. I’m not sure if they really were but it sure felt that way. We had a couple of evenings with rain but other than that it was just hot, very HOT and sunny.

The new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is cute but holy cow was the line long and hot looking. The line was usually outside the queue and ran along the fence until we couldn’t see the end of it. It looked soooo hot and slow moving and would take the fun out of it for me. We rode it many times with fastpasses and didn’t wait more than 5 minutes no matter what time of day it was.

Frozen is insanely popular.

I hated wearing a plastic MagicBand. I don’t like watches or bracelets so I knew going in I probably wouldn’t like it. And I still had to carry a plastic AP card for discounts and an ID to get those discounts so it didn’t save me anything, one more card in my pocket wouldn’t have mattered to me.

I’m not sure I’ll do a trip report, I still haven’t posted all of my report from last year. School starts in three short weeks and I have a lot to do between now and then.


If you don’t do a whole trip report (which I would love), you have to at least tell us a bit about the first week with just Nate.

oops, I forgot to say pretty please.


Stephanie—glad you had a good time. I understand the pros and cons to the FP system…I’m not the non planner category, so this trip coming up in two weeks will be interesting.

I made ADRs for meals ahead of time for this trip…that’s three more than I have ever before!!! Lol. I refuse to make more…those three messed with our day as it is… I just don’t
Ike the idea of having to play way ahead of time where I will be at a given time of the day there. I actually left one whole day of our week with nothing!!! No ADRs no FPs…so we can see how going without for a day works as well as with.

I am used to wearing a fitbit loosely on my wrist so an additional band on the other one won’t bother me. If it does, I’ll take it off and put it in my pocket. It’s just the planning way ahead and the fact that I feel that I MUST plan in order to see and do what we want—because the rest of the world DOES plan now…kind of hate that pressure.

We will see what my take on it is soon. The only trip report I did…last visit…took me forever, so I’m not sure I will get one done either.

Thanks for your comments…


Glad you had a good trip Stephanie. We are also on the fence with the Fastpass + system as we do not always plan which park we are going to on which day. On our last trip, we made some reservations on the day we were going to or in the park. Part of that is also due to the number of times we have been and we no longer have true MUST DO attractions.


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1919093361]If you don’t do a whole trip report (which I would love), you have to at least tell us a bit about the first week with just Nate.

oops, I forgot to say pretty please.[/QUOTE]

We had a wonderful time. It was great having the extra time together, we didn’t do anything special but it was fun. I kind of feel like we took things a little slower than when Mike got there but that might be because it rained pretty hard two nights and we stayed in and watched Disney movies. I enjoyed the down time, we don’t do that enough and plan to do more of it in the future. Mike and I were already talking about Nate and I spending a few extra days next year so who knows, we may have started a tradition.


How is Mike’s knee? Any problem with all the walking and standing?


His knee is getting better. Standing is not an issue but walking as much as we walk in the parks was a little bit of an issue. He was slower than usual and his knee randomly gives out a couple of times a day so he really had to be careful. He also has trouble changing his gate so the mad rush to Toy Story was hard because people were nuts cutting in and out. (They are doing a rope drop and both HS and MK this summer so the morning rush was a madhouse.). We always take breaks in the afternoon and didn’t have to increase the length of time we were in the room. He’s not back to 100% but it didn’t play a part in our trip so that was good.


I’m right with you DT with the go with the flow. DH works 70 hours a week and last thing he wants to do is have a schedule or even think of looking at that cell phone for FP+ info. We are the type that we walk to the bus stop and whichever park bus pulls up, that’s the park we are going to. In fact, on my last solo trip, where I could get away with me having my cell phone with me to view FP+ stuff, I stopped using FP all together by the second day. I just can’t stand being chained to that thing.

Would definitely like to hear the highlights at some point there (when things settle down) as I truly miss seeing Disney through everyone elses eyes via TR’s.

Glad you had a good time. I honestly can’t believe you even left, let alone are already back!!!