Another Way to Save!


My bank just started a new program. Whenever you use your debit card, it will automatically round up to the nearest dollar, and put that change into a savings account. I signed up immediately. Guess where all my additional change is now going…to my Disney account! We use our debit card all the time. I can’t wait to see how quick it adds up!


I wish my bank had that program. I would do it to save in a minute!


What bank do you use? Wish our bank did something like that too!


It’s a small local bank, Citizens First National. That’s why I was so surprised. I love the smaller banks because they are so personable, so I didn’t expect them to be in the forefront of technology. But they are. I don’t think any of the bigger banks in the area is doing this.


I do the same thing when I use cash I never spend change and put it in a jar, in about 1 year time I save about 1000.00 dollars, it all goes to my Disney fund


Wow, that’s a lot in one year. We also save change but nothing like you. We just cashed it in the other day and had $237. I thought that was pretty good until I read your post. :redface:


Bank of America is doing that. I signed up for it when I got my debit card. It’s called “Save the Change.”


That sounds like a great idea. Since my debit card is pretty much an extension of my right hand, I would make good use of that program.