Another weird Castaway Cay Question


I just got off of SW airlines website and they now have check in via your mobile device… Ok so that is great, and solves my problem [B]IF[/B] there is service on Castaway Cay!!

I have an AT&T iphone…Has anyone had experience with AT&T on Castaway Cay or any other cell phone service provider on the island?

Thanks again!!


I thought you had been on a number of Disney cruises :blink:


I have but I have never tried using the cell phone on the cruise before. We usually do not do cell phones on vacation!! We leave them in the safe. OUR rule is ITS VACATION!! We use them at WDW only if we really need them.


You will most likely have reception. If you don’t, can’t the Purser’s Desk (or whatever it is called on a Disney Cruise) do airline check in for you? I think they do it at the Disney Resorts, I would imagine they will do it from the ship!


Maybe I never thought of that!!