Another Year of Disney Fun!


Well now that I am a Florida resident, I decided I needed to get one more thing to celebrate my residency…


My old AP expired in June, so I have been relying on friends with maingate passes to get me into the parks every once in awhile. But not anymore. I bought the Florida resident seasonal pass last night and plan to upgrade to the full pass once the blackout dates hit.

I am so excited. I am going to Disney today to celebrate! :wink: And Disney again tomorrow (going to the pin event). It’s going to be a great weekend!


Ginger, you have probably just set a new record as to how many people you made green with envy with just one post! :laugh: I wish I could say that I was going to WDW today, and then back again tomorrow for the Pin Event.

Good for you! I’d be excited too! Make sure you get as much use of that AP as you can. :mickey:


Oh yay! I’m so happy for you! BTW, do you still have some pins, I wanted to buy some from you, but I’ve been working 60+ hours a week and haven’t had time to change my paypal card to my new card.


Oh, this AP is going to be extremely well used! At least a few times per week, if not more. I am thinking I might upgrade to the Premium annual pass, because I do tend to go to PI a lot with friends. And I have always wanted to try the water parks. I will have to think about it.

Pumouse, just sent you a PM about the pins. :happy:


Yay, Ginger!!! I’m so glad for you!! :heart:


Welcome to the FL resident pass family!!!


Thanks everyone!

Now I just need to get Drew moving because I want to go play in the parks! Does he not realize this?!? He may still be asleep, but I have been awake for hours ready to go. I don’t care that it’s Saturday and he wants to sleep in. It’s Disney Day! :biggrin:


If I got up at 6 for work, than my namesake can get up at 1030 to play at the parks. :glare: :dry: :tongue:


EXACTLY! I am going to have to start poking him. :ninja: (I really wish there was a poking smily–that would rock!)


go get him, girl!! :laugh:


You are such a lucky girl, I am Green[COLOR=“Black”] with envy! Just think, every day can be Disney day for you!:mickey: [/COLOR]


Ginger… did you get him up and out of the house?


Good for you, Ginger. I know you will get plenty of use out of it–I hope starting TODAY!


[QUOTE=ingamba]Ginger, you have probably just set a new record as to how many people you made green with envy with just one posQUOTE]
WoW My son who is a mousekateer at at hea,rt has been having the rest of us going with him to Disney do a count down. Not even He can match your countdown.:happy: 18 days and we are on our way by plane then magicalexpress. WL our resort. We return justw prior to columbus day weekend.He has everything planned to the minute. We will be there for the start of the Food and Wine festival. I think I will like that


Oooohhh, I can’t wait for the Food and Wine Festival. It’s right during my birthday so I think I will just eat and drink around the world to celebrate.

And for those of you wondering, I ended up not going to Disney today. Instead I spent about 5 hours putting pins into my pin books to get them ready for the pin event tomorrow I am going to at Epcot. We also went to Chevys tonight. I have never been there, but it was good.

Tomorrow will definitely be a full Disney Day! :mickey: I will come back with pics from the pin event and other fun things.


Hey…you were supposed to go to Disney! :angry: You’d better not back out tomorrow, there are people here counting on you!! :tongue: :biggrin:


Very cool Ginger!! :cool:

Maybe we will see you there in November!!! :cool:


I promise I am definitely going today! My pins are all ready for the big event and I am going to be leaving in about 30 minutes. And I will come back with pics just for you dizzy! :happy:


I am also green with envy! :blow:

Wish you lots of fun with your AP!!! You definately need to let us know from time to time about your “Disney Times” this year. Especially on those “Pin” events. That is so cool! :cool: The perks of being a Florida resident. Have fun!


Hey Ginger, I was at the pin event today. I wish I had seen you.