Answering Phones for Disney?


Once I spoke to a CM to make a ressie, and she was working out of her home answering the phone for Disney! We had a conversation about it, and she said she had to go to WDW for a weekend training course and that it was a GREAT job! (unfortunately I didn’t ask her how she found out about the job!) :glare:

I’ve searched high and low for information about this . . . as it would be perfect for my lifestyle right now . . . does ANYONE know ANYTHING about this or where I could go to inquire?

PS. On the casting site … . they are looking for Photopass Photographers if anyone is interested? :happy:


I would LOVE to have that job!!!


I MUST HAVE THAT JOB!!! Let’s go check it out, ladies!!!


I know Disney advertises MANY of their job openings at They also have an actual Disney casting website, if I find the web address I will share it.


I would SERIOUSLY do ANYTHING to have that job!!! Who should I call to ask about it??? :confused:


I looked at the casting site . . . there was a role call for more dancers!! :blink:

I checked and there are a ton as well! :blush:

This job is perfect . . . I have a cousin that does it for HSN . . . and this is the way I was told it worked!

  1. You need to have a designated room/computer/phone to do it. (They don’t want kids in the background, altho this has happened to me before when I was making ressies!)

  2. You have to dedicate yourself to a certain amount of time/week. She told me she logs into the computer, and the computer keeps track of the length of the call and what she did for the Guest.

  3. She receives monthly paychecks for doing this! As long as she meets her hours (which she gets an email for the times she needs to work each week, she did say there was flexibility and you can swap hours with other CM)

I wonder if they are still doing this? I thought it would be a perfect supplement to my freelance! A steady gig I can do from home!! :happy: Working for a company I already know so much about!!

This would mean the trips were writeoffable too . . . job research! :cool: :blink: YES?

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I dunno . . . that’s my question too!!! :confused:


I saw a listing for the Tampa area . . .if you lived there they need ya!!

The CM I talked to was in Palm Beach! Maybe they do certain areas at certain times? :confused: :confused:


That would be an awesome job, and perfect for me!! Let know what everyone finds out, cause I am definitely interested.


I’m in New York. Dang! :glare:


If they offered it part-time, or even full-time during the summer I would TOTALLY do it in addition to teaching.


I’d sign up in a N.Y. minute. What fun that would be to say I am a CM :blush:


I’m thinking that I could do this! I wonder if there are distance limits…or…if they are still offering this. I WANNA DO THIS!


I know it would be SO PERFECT for so many . . . I’ve been scanning various websites all day . . . and nothing!! :confused:


I have never heard of this. I do know they have a reservation call in center in Tampa.
However they do post jobs at


I would almost quit teaching to do it. Nah, better not, my voice would be too low and I’d miss the kids after a few days.


I checked that site . . . thanks!

I called to make a reservation, and the CM that answered the phone said, “OH, I live in Palm Beach County too” when I told her my address . … I said YOU DO and you commute to Disney (2.5 hours no traffic one way!) she said, “OH NO, I work from home!” and then she proceeded to tell me all about it!

Maybe they don’t do it anymore? It was last year! :confused:


I know about the center in tampa! I applied there a few years ago. It was just too far away from my home to work there. I was even going to take a pay cut too!!

Since my move to AL, I have been searching for jobs at home. There are a lot of customer service jobs from home. These businesses basically have contracts with big companies and hire out for certain jobs as needed. One job I found said you could be working for one company this month, and another one next month (example: old navy or jc penny’s.)

I would also love to work from home for Disney!! How cool would that be??


As long as yo have the computer up and running, and you can access reservations for people, I can’t imagine what difference it would make! They should hire us REALLY!


We would be the best at the job, lol, we already know so much.