Antenna Topper question


I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a new antenna topper for the Year of a Million Dreams?

I love the antenna toppers!


I love the toppers too. I don’t know if there is a new one or not celebrating the new celebration ,but wouldn’t doubt it. I’ll let you know when I get back…I’ll have it on my car if there is…lol


I would just like to take this opportunity to brag a quick second about the fact that I have the new Pirates antenna topper.

It is a round black head, with a pirate hat, and the red scarf thingie, and on the back it says:

“Dead Men Tell No Tales”

and it says “walt disney world resorts” on it.

Just wanted to brag! Thanks!


Why does my topper always get stolen? I’ve had three. … all were stolen. I even glued the last one on…still stolen… yet I see a bunch of people drivin’ around with ones that look like they’ve been on for years.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:




Get thee to Pirates!!


I will get meself there and get me one… I’m jacking…call it predisney trip madness…sorry.


That is NOT cool, Redtire! :sad: Someone doesn’t want you to have a topper…



I love antenna toppers, but can’t have one on my big huge truck because I have a big huge antenna.

They won’t fit! :sad:


You might not have much luck yet finding a topper for the new theme if what they say on is true…apparently although the “year of a million dreams” has kicked off, there is very scant merchandising for it so far.

I got the new pirate topper on my last DL trip after my old pirate topper “mysteriously” disappeared.


Just seen about 15 on e-bay


Are you sure? I put one on DH’s semi truck once, but he thought it made his truck look sissy.:frown:


Hey, my Pirates Antenna Topper is better than yours! :tongue: :laugh: :tongue:

Actually… antenna toppers are a very, very sad thing for me right now. After the glorious ending to last year where I discovered that they don’t get stolen… my car now doesn’t have an antenna. :eek: How can I display my wonderful Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Mickeys?


I dont know but I stick with the Disney cruise one since you cant buy it anywhere else… Ok so he is now missing an ear,… but Im working on it! We will replace him in Feb! WooHoo!


Get a big fat needle and run fishing line down through the top and hang it from your rearview mirror.

BTW - I love your pirate topper, I hope to get one next year.


They probably have been on for years… on 5 other peoples’ cars as they’ve made their stolen journey across your state.


Mine didn’t last two minutes here-after a trip to the local mall I came out and it had gone- I love them but now wont buy them for someone else just to come along and steal.


Guess which topper I have? The red, white and green Mickey-Italy topper from the Italy pavillion in Epcot.

I also have a classic black one.

Neither of them have gotten stolen. Unamadre, you might want to check with your local police. You might live in a high crime antenna topper trafficking neighborhood. :laugh:


You’re probably right. None of them lasted more than a few days. I’d go into a store with topper on my car and come out minutes later… no topper… made me so mad… guess I do live in a city with a serial toppernapper.:ph34r: :ph34r:


:laugh: Toppernapper!! :laugh: