Antenna toppers?


I went to the Disney Store in the mall the other day to buy a new antenna topper for the car. I was very :eek: :ohmy: to find out that at least the store in my area no longer sells them :frown: :crying: The sales girl had no idea why. Can anyone let me know if there is a Disney Store in the Phila, NJ area that still sells them? My antenna is soooooo lonely and cold bbbrrrrrrr!!


I go to the Deptford mall location. Next time Im there I will have to check for ya. You can always call to ask. You may be able to get some from Departments or


Here is a site I found but they have high prices IMO

Disney Shopping: Antenna Toppers - The LaughingPlace Store


Thanks Tbell24!!! The Disney shopping site only had a few things for the car, no toppers, but a set of Tinkerbell car mats that look so adorable.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. The next time I visit my family in that area, I’ll check it out. The ones I have seen online are going for $12 to 14 a piece :ohmy: And I don’t think I ever paid more than $6 or $7.


I was at the Disney store today. I wasn’t actually looking for antenna toppers, but I don’t recall seeing any either. I know I used to be able to buy some every once in a while, but they always sold out pretty quick.


Mine had them last time I was there…Deptford, NJ mall. They have then in the big display with the “cheaper” items the kids can reach and beg for…lol They had a decent variety of them too.


Thank you Dana. I guess I’ll have to schedule a road trip soon. I live just over the WW Bridge.


I’m sorry to hear that you can’t find any :crying: . Everytime we go to WDW I most definitely pile up on these little things. Right now I have my Valentine’s Day one proudly displayed. Next in line will be my Easter egg :happy: .


I go to the mall every morning to walk. I’ll check to see if our store have any. Are you looking for anything special?


I’m going to Disney this weekend . . . pm me what you want, and I’d be glad to ship them to you!! Just let me know BEFORE Friday, cuz . . . I’LL BE ON THE ROAD TO WDW AFTER THAT! :wub:


I still have one ‘mickey’ head left, this will be third one as the other two mysteriously disappeared at public car parks :frowning:


Tinkfan, I have a brand new sparkly Blue & Silver “Where Dreams come true” topper, still with tag, if you want it.


Theres always ebay if all else fails!


I use the broken ones as an excuse to go again… its time to go to WDW when my topper breaks or falls off or is stolen…he he he- We have an “07” on our van and a mickey captain from the cruise on the pickup truck


Thank you so much. I’m not picky at all. I just need anything to cover the antenna.

The funny thing is, that the sales girl looked stunned to find that they didn’t have the toppers in their store anymore. I thought that maybe there was some recall or something bad happened.


Oh I’m so jealous!!!

I’ll pm you when I get home tonight. I’m sneaking in on the work computer, ssshhhhhhh.


That’s how mine usually disappear. I had just bought a Mickey Pirate and had it for only 1 day. Came out to my car the next morning and was bummed :frown:


Daisee you are so sweet. I’ll pm you this evening. Thanks a bunch!!!:flowers:


I checked, and am sorry to say our store doesn’t have them either. The cm working today said she can’t remember the last time they had them.:eek: Sorry I couldn’t help you out, but it looks like others will.


I’ve been on all day… don’t feel like working :laugh: