Anxious to book for fall, but should I wait?


OK, been doing weeks, no, months now of research for a rather special trip this fall - been to the World lots, usually with minimal planning & little lead time, so I think I’ve always paid pretty much top dollar. But this is a special kinda trip & because I really wanna do it up right (deluxe - AKL & Poly) I’m trying to shave a little off here & there. I just don’t feel like selling one of my kidneys - who knows, I might need both of them! But because it’s a special trip, I have very definite ideas of what I want (Savannah view, Lagoon view) & I know I need to book early. So here’s my plan so far:

  1. Got the Disney Visa, for whatever that might be worth
  2. Getting an AP & praying to God they’ll have a resort discount for fall (probably 9/30-10/7).
  3. Going for the DDE card - I’m reluctant to go for the Dining Plan, though it seems like an excellent value, because of the Epcot International Wine & food Fest. Been there several times (love it!) & nibbling around the World can be a meal! (And did I read that right? The DDE card discounts all food & beverage INCLUDING ALCOHOL? Say no more…)

So, I guess my question is approx. when are fall AP discounts announced?
Any other input will also be greatly appreciated!
Feeling the Magic already!


Hi Pamster and Welcome to DC!!

My advice is go ahead and book a room only reservation at your hotel of choice. You can always call when they do the AP discounts, but in case you can’t get one, and it does happen, you still have your room. That’s what we have done everytime we have gone to DL or WDW.

I’m not sure when they will release the fall discounts, maybe someone else does.

Hope this helps


Welcome to DC! It sounds like you are on the right track! You are sure to get lots of good advice here. It seems like the AP discounts are available about 2-4 months in advance. I agree with Quartz…go ahead and book your rooms now so that you will be guaranteed the room preferences. Go to if you haven’t already. Sign up for the newsletter and also to watch the page for updates.

You can now book advanced reservations for dining at resorts and parks 180 days in advance. That isn’t too far away from your arrival date. You can go to to get the exact date to call. I’d strongly recommend making advance reservations even during the low attendance time that you are going. With the popularity of the dining plan, the table service restaurants get pretty busy!
Happy planning!

Oh, and be sure to check out the Disney Visa website. They have special offers from time to time. I think the only current WDW one is a Disney Visa character meet and greet with free 5X7 photo at Epcot. You can also get interest free financing for 6 months on a Disney vacation.


get the dining plan ! we went last year during the food fest and used the plan for the snacks! its worth it


Yeah, I’ve been on Mousesavers awhile…but I guess I’ve missed this; I can book & still get a discount announced later? I thought I’d be locked in at that rate. (And lemme make sure of this: it’s my understanding that I only need one adult AP to get a room discount, if available? And I can book two rooms at this rate - assuming there is a discounted AP rate?) Y’know, I’ve been a Disney freak since I was a kid (all I wanted for Christmas when I was 10 was a share of Disney stock) & consider myself pretty knowledgeable, especially since this last bout of research, and there’s still so much I DON’T know! Amazing. Maybe there should be a course you could take on this stuff.
Oh, and one more thing…is it still true that if you book your trip starting in value season that rate applies even if the season changes? And is that still true if you book splitting your stay between 2 resorts? And what is the best way to book a multi-resort trip - thru a travel agent or Disney reservations?
Man, I could spend the rest of my life planning this trip! Not that I mind; for me the planning is half the fun!
Thanks, y’all!


WHOAAA, Breathe Pamster!! LOL You can hear the excitment in your writing!!LOL, love it!!

First off Yes you can book your room and WAIT for the discounts. What has happened to us in the past is this: You have your current reservation and the AP discount comes out. We called and they had a discount, so we had to cancel our first reservation and make a new reservation with the discount. That is what they did for us in 2004, I’m not sure it is the same this year, but that is what a CM told me on the phone.

Yes, you only need 1 AP for the room discount, I thought it was up to 3 rooms, but I’m not really sure.

As for the value and splitting of vacation, I can’t answer that for ya, but I know someone on this board can. This is sorta like Disney Planning University!!

In my personal opinion, I prefer to do it myself, calling Disney. Many moons ago, we stayed at 3 different resorts in 10 days. This was my first Disney trip and I planned and did all the calling. This is what started my obsession with planning, LOL. So you can do it all by yourself, I think it really depends on you comfort level.

Hope this answered some of your questions!


If you start in the value season, that is what you’ll pay for the stay. But if you switch resorts in the middle and the rate has changed you will get the new rate because that is essentially a new ressie.


Hi and welcome Pamster!

The Disney Visa is a great bonus for people who travel to WDW (of course, like any other card try not to carry a balance)
It’s really nice to have that extra 100 or so on the rewards card to spend on your trip.

Since you do have some time , have you thought about renting points for your stay?
Just a thought.

Planning is half the fun!!


Just be sure to state that you want a ROOM ONLY reservation so that you can call later to apply a discount code without penalty! Read this link carefully for details about room only vs. packages (scroll down to the heading - room only vs. packages). The payment and cancellation policies are very different! only


Very true!! ROOM ONLY!!


Also, keep in mind that Disney sets aside only a CERTAIN NUMBER of rooms when AP discounts come out. Once these rooms are gone they are gone. You need to call and reserve as soon as the discount is announced to have the best chance of getting what you want…I found that out the hard way! :wink: Also…

WELCOME TO DC!!! :heart:


What I would suggest is that you book The Poly first,because you arrive in value season and The Poly is more expensive than AKL. Or better yet,switch resorts the last day of value season so you will get the value season rate for both resorts.


WElcome to Disney Central! You book that trip ASAP! No reason to wait at all. You can always apply the discount code to it later. Your excitement is contagious…thanks for making me smile!


Gosh, y’all are all so nice & welcoming…I’ve been on some boards where people are so mean to newbies, but y’all are fabulous! Yeah, I guess I might be a little TOO excited - six months seems so long!
About these points…I’ve read a little about it, but it was making my head hurt - it seems so complicated. Is it easier than it seems? What sort of discounts does it give you? Any tips on how to do it?
And how do I do the countdown thang that y’all have on your posts? I think I need one!
Oh, and one other question…I gather they’ve changed the Alien Encounter ride in Tomorrowland; how is it now? Is it better for kids now? It used to be pretty scary. I don’t have kids, but will be traveling with three this trip, ages 5, 9 & 14. And has anyone done Expedition Everest yet? Does it totally rock?
Of course it does, what a silly question!
Nice to meet everybody!


Welcome, noobie to noobie.

Hate to hijack but I have a related question: Everybody says “room only”. Well, I booked a package though AAA today (9/23-9/30) and paid my $200 deposit. Since I’m already saving about $240 by going through AAA and I KNOW I won’t be changing much (if anything), does anyone see a problem with that? Would I be missing out on any additional discounts? Enlighten me…


Hi HRBIB and welcome!!

That would depend on if you are willing to buy an AP for the room only discount, which is around $440 for an adult pass. Chances are, you won’t save as much money. What resort are you staying at?


Pamster- The alien encounter is now a Stitch ride. People either love it or hate it. I have never been on it. If the 5 year old is the more adventurous type he will be fine. The older ones will be fine.

HBR… I have heard many say that the AAA rates can’t be beat.


Good morning,

Welcome back…

I am planning a trip around the same time… we made reservations at Carribean and are also considering doing the dining plan… I read in a book that says that sometimes can use your snacks vouchers at the food and wine festival…but I would ask…

I was also able to get some details about when the deals go on public for that time … I was told around July August…DWR was not able to give me exact dates…

Enjoy your trip and let me know what you find out…


welcome to disney central You picked great hotels I have had Aps and always wait to the Ap rates come out I also have the DDE card I love it I decided against the dining plan just because Dh and I are on WW and everyone says that what you get is too much food for us I use the DDE card and have saved alot of money the only downside is that if you do go to the Food and wine festival you cant use them at the booths they have set up for it so in only in the restaurants that they allowed the card so if you wanted to snack around the world buy getting stuff at the booths just know DDE is not used for that meal


Regarding the disney visa, the 6 months with no interest only applies to a vacation package, not a room only reservation :dry: It’s such a bummer because you can’t take advantage of the AP rate and get free interest. Unless something has changed. Also, we went to the food and wine fest last year and you could use your “snack” points from the dining plan at all the kiosks. It was great! I don’t think I’d use the dining plan unless I was going doing food and wine, since it’s such a good value at that point. Also, just an FYI, although you probably know this-if you book a room only reservation with the AP discount, you can’t use the dining plan, but you can use the DDE card (which you had mentioned). Good luck, have fun planning!