Any advice for a Disney cruise newbie?


So I’m going on my first Disney Cruise in December (Disney Dream to Nassau and Castaway Cay). Any recommendations for things to do on or off the ship? Or food-wise?


Don’t hang over the balcony.


You’re always a wealth of info. :rolleyes:


Don’t hang over the balcony rail…like your mother does. :whistling :angel:

The funny thing is our countdown timers are different.


DCL luggage tags in the mail ALWAYS makes me happy!!!


Those tags are exciting!—even just getting the ME tags gets me all pumped up!!! (as if I need pumping up before a WDW trip)

Have fun!


I am also taking my first cruise on the Dream! I have been reading the Passporter guide to the Disney Cruise line as well as purchasing the Birnbaum guide. I am so excited!! I hope you have a wonderful time!! Make sure you post a trip report!!


don’t eat for a week,also unless you are going to atlantis ,I say stay on the ship and enjoy,and oh yeah don’t eat for a week prior…


We are going on the DREAM in Oct of 2014…need to ride the duck…


Wow, a DCL Newbie! We have been on 6 Disney Cruises and all have been absolutely amazing. Here are just a few tips off the top of my head (omitting balcony safety tips which have been covered). As I think of more, I will post:

On DCL you are permitted to bring on your own alcohol. That saves mega bucks if you are old enough for a few beverages.

You can order as much food as you like. If you want to try 2 or 3 of the dinners, just ask. Four desserts, no issue. Nobody makes you feel funny at all (other than your family). They are there to serve.

Make friends with your room host/hostess. It may seem like the least important person that you tip until you meet a wonderful one (and there are many). They make your life soooo happy on board.

Room service is included (just tip a few $ each time). They do not show Mickey Ice Cream Bars on the menu but if you ask, they will often bring them!

For the Bahamas, honestly… I would stay on the Ship. There is not much that interests me there other than if you want to swing from the ceiling at Senior Frogs. Half the people get off the boat which makes the Ship super comfortable.

If you run/jog (I do), deck 4 is great but go early in the AM.

Castaway Cay is the best spot you have ever been to. Get off the boat early and stay late!

Shhhhh, this is may favorite: the lounge chairs and peace and quiet on deck 4 are to die for. I love it there, POWER NAP time! :laugh:

Let me know if you have any specific questions!