Any Advice?


I’m a graduating senior in college and I would really like to do the Disney College Program. I’ve attended their presentations the last 2 semesters and it seems like a great experience. They are coming again this Feb. and i will finally interview. I’m really excited but nervous b/c i would really love to get the job. Anyone have any advice. What’s the best kind of jobs to apply for? How should I dress? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!! :smiley:


Hi! I hope this message isn’t too late. I was a CP back in 2005 and I’ll admit it was rough. Long hours and hard work but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. To be completely honest if you are a professional hard working student they will LOVE you! They really just need workers. So if you look like you are willing to work hard then they’ll probably accept you. As far as the jobs, obviously some are harded then others. If you’re really set on doing the program list every single one that even remotely is interesting to you. That way you’ll look more willing. But in your interveiw you can tell them that which ones you’re really excited about.

I really hope this helps you and that everything works out! It’s definitely and amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity. Just ask if you have any other questions! GOOD LUCK!:mickey:


My interview is today in like 3 hours, im pretty nervous but very excited!!! I was thinking about applying for attractions, merchandise, or quick service food and beverage. QSFB would be the last choice of the 3. I wish the best of luck for all of us applying for Fall 09!!!


good luck!! im sure you will do fine.

oh, and welcome to MB:mickey:


I am guessing you are in your interview right about now. I’m sending loads of pixie dust your way!


Best of luck!!!


The campus interview was good, learned alot bout the roles i want to apply for. The campus reps are wonder and helpful. Im kinda nervous because the entire room went up to sign up for phone interviews. The day they wanted me to interview by phone is Monday, Feb 9th. But i have 2 exams so i asked for Tuesday which would give me a chance to be home to do the interview by landline so the call wont get dropped or my annoying roommates yelling in the background in the dorms. I just hope that i have a chance still since everyone else is doing it monday and i had no choice but to do it tuesday. :’( The sad part is that im a senior, ive attended their presentation at my school that last 2 times but couldnt apply because i really needed to stay on track and graduate on time to help out financially. So its been over a year and a half of excitement waiting for this day. Now I just hope that it works out.


When you do the phone interview, don’t be nervous. Just relax. I’ve done the program twice: Fall 2006 (QSF&B) and now for Spring Advantage 2009 (Merchandise). The phone interview is pretty basic. They just ask you questions like “Why do you want to participate in the CP?” etc.

Good luck and let us know who it goes!!


I had my interview today. I think it went great!!! Now i just gotta wait 3-4 weeks :frowning: For anyone that hasn’t done the phone interview yet, just relax. Its very chill. Its like having a regular conversation rather than an interview. I wish the best of luck to all applying for Fall.


I’m so glad to hear the phone interview went well! I can’t wait to hear that you got accepted, and where you’re going to be working! :wink: Let us know the second you hear anything!


Good Luck!


I apply to Walt Disney World in Orlando. I interviewed for the roles Attractions, Merchandise, and Quick Service Food and Beverage. I also checked off custodial, main entrance operations, and park hooper, but she focused on the first 3. I’m excited, but upset i have to wait for sooooo long. :-\


Oooo picture me jelous!! Im hoping to apply this Sept to go out there for Summer 2010 so I can’t wait until Im in your position right now!! Good luck!


I can’t wait to find out what job you got!


Hey everyone!!! i just got my invitation in the mail. I will be in merchandise for fall 09 semester!!! Im soooo excited :smiley:




That is awesome!! :biggrin: Congrats - HAVE FUN!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will have a BLAST!!!


Congratulations! You will have an amazing time! My CP memories are some of my fondest! I CAN’T believe you got Merch. Everyone I have ever talked to who had Quick Service as a choice got Quick Service!


Awesome! Congratulations!!!