Any available points for January '08?


I think I might need 60 or so points (possibly more…) for a long weekend in January. Does anyone have any to rent? Please PM if you do.



I actually need 66 points…anybody?


Try hanging in there until monday. Many MBers don’t post on the weekends. You may get more of a responce then.


Thanks Dana. I really prefer to rent points from someone here if possible, since I don’t know people on those other boards!


That is your best bet. ALways go with the people you “know” before the people you don’t…if you are forced to look elsewhere…be careful.


I have 181 points to rent. I have rented points to people on here with no problems. They are $10.00 each. PM me or email me. Thanks


Thanks all- unfortunately, there is no DVC ressie available for our dates which are firm, so I’ll have to rent points for another trip someday.