Any chance of getting showtimes before we arrive


We leave next Monday morning,the 17th and I just gotta know. I admitt it I am a serious planner. But since we’re only there for 5 days I don’t want to spent a second deciding where to go or what to do.
Monday we should arrive around 11 am form NJ Magical express
Staying at wilderness lodge, DS and GF staying at All star Movies.
So far we meet at MK around 5pm and take the monorail to Poly for 8:15 ADR at O’hana.:cool: Kids think they are going head over to DTD. I’d bet ten bucks they head back to their room.
Tuesday we plan to spend most of the day in MGM (opps I mean DMS??)
We have dinner stay for 4:30 at Brown Derby and Fantasmic at 8pm
Wednesday we figure on sleeping in a little later and do Epcot. Dinner is at Rose and Crown at 5pm.
Thursday it’s back to MK and DTD Dinner at Artist Point at 6pm.
DH and I aren’t much on Rides, so figured if I could get at least some of the show times I could lay out some things while the Kid and GF are on the rides.
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Oh, yeah… there’s this guy that lives in Florida has updates daily. Ugg… I can’t remember the site. I’ll find it for you. Or maybe some other MBer will post it.


Parades or in the park shows like little mermaid at MGM? Parades and shows are listed on the official site and on


The parades and firworks are listed. But Mike Scopa(?) who used to post them lost his source. I’ll check it out again. I really looking for times for things like Country Bear Jamboree, The stunt show, that kind of thing.


I found it!!!

Steve Soars… Walt Disney World Live Entertainment


Isn’t Country Bear Jamboree is one of those every 20-minute things? Once the people before you leave, you can enter and they replay the show constantly. I’m not sure, though…


Thank you little Miss Magic and Dopey I went to that site before but didn’t click in the right area. I’m so excited…Just can’t wait…I’m even happy about doing the wash.


Here’s what I found on that site…it was posted in July…

The cast member who has been sending me the schedules for my site (Walt Disney World Live Entertainment) has left Disney. I need someone to replace him and also an alternate, if possible.

If you are a WDW cast member and are willing to email the schedules to me weekly, please contact me by email: