Any chance they'd extend Wishes Dessert Buffet?


Last night i was all set to tell Sandy to order us tickets for the buffet in September when i noticed on AllEars that it ends August 28th. I know this is just a pilot program so there’s always a chance on it being extended.
When i got into work this morning i called WDW-Dine and spoke with a CM on their opinion on the Buffet being extended through the Free Dining promotion. The CM told me there was nothing in her system to expect it, but she put me on hold to speak with her supervisor and gauge his opinion. When she got back she told me he said about the same, but that knowing Disney, if it makes $$$ there’s a great chance they’d extend it past August 28th date. Then i asked if they did, when do you think they’d make such an announcement. She seemed to think early August.

For anyone that has attended it or heard about it, what do you think? Has it been a smashing success to this point? Would continuing through the Free Dining session work? Do you even think Disney has the intention of extending it?
Sandy thinks with everyone taking advantage of the free dining, they’d have more money to spend on treats. It’s hard to argue with that logic. :laugh:

So what do ya’ll think?

Wishes Dessert Buffet past August 28th… yay or nay?


Im sure I read on Allears that the dining plan wasn’t being accepted for the dessert buffet, though this might have been updated since I last read it! I do hope they make it permanent though because I had my sights set on those goodies for our trip next year!


From what I’ve read it’s been very popular so that means it has a good chance of being extended but I’m sure no one really knows at this point.


I am hoping for YAY! I would love to do it for our trip in Sept too. So I am crossing my fingers.


Wishy and Mickeysgirlz had a good time (see Wishy’s TR)- If it is extended, we’d like to go Labor Day Weekend ourselves.

I’ll cross my fingers for us both!


I would be pretty sure it wouldn’t be included on the Free Dining plan, but i’d pay OOP for it in a heartbeat.

I’m really hoping. Those Mango Shooters look amazing.


IMO, reasons it’s a big hit…
It’s new
It’s out at peak time
It’s going on during free dining and even though the buffet itself it not on the plan the fact that peeps don’t have to spend $ on other food free’s them up for the extras
It looks great from the TR’s

Do I think they’ll have it Sept-Oct, No. Do I wish they would, yes, sort of. Sept is not a busy time and I feel that pushing anything extra food wise would compete with F&W. That leaves us with mixed feelings. Do we spend the extra $ on the booths at F&W that aren’t normally there or do we drop the load for our party of 7 at Wishes? However I could definitely see them offering this during peak times.


I think there’s a good chance it may be extended. From everything I’ve read & for the nights we were in Disney it seemed very popular & full. I am hoping for it to be extended through the holidays but we’ll see. Ya never know, keep your ears open.


So if they did extend it say for Sept…when would they announce that? In Aug? I would like to book it right away and wouldn’t want to miss it because I wasn’t aware that they announced it. Did that make any sense?


I hope so…it looks delicious! I want it to run until I can get there to eat all those deserts.


Mmmmmmmmmmm I hope it is extended, we visit in September and the dessert’s look so good.


I was talking to some people here at work and we were trying to come up with reasons they wouldn’t extend it through the fall and all we could come up with was lagging ticket sales or general lack of interest.

You have to wonder if there are Disney Execs sitting 400 stories high somewhere asking themselves, “So, can this buffet sustain itself through the fall season”?

I could see myself doing this 2 or 3 times during our trip. (not days in a row though). :laugh:


I could see myself doing this 2 or 3 times during our trip. (not days in a row though). :laugh:[/QUOTE]

“Light Weight”::laugh::laugh::laugh:


[QUOTE=bosoxx65;976353]I would be pretty sure it wouldn’t be included on the Free Dining plan, but i’d pay OOP for it in a heartbeat.

I’m really hoping. Those Mango Shooters look amazing.[/QUOTE]

I hope they do extend it! I would LOVE to do it again!

My DD5 LOVED the Mango Shooters . . . she had 3 of them! :huh:

I wrote about it in my TR too and took pictures.

I’ll cross my fingers for you they extend it! :happy:


I don’t know if I can see them running this through Food & Wine Festival…wish they would, though. It would be a nice way to end a day after “grazing” through Epcot all day.


Nabbed this from another board, so take it with a grain of salt as always :laugh:

Originally Posted by GoldenOldie

Disney absolutely knows. Plans are already be formulated for the fall. They aren’t yet willing to commit to year-round since Jan-Feb can be very chilly and windy for an outside event but they are definitely doing planning for the dessert party during the fall season.

And this post i just don’t know about?

Originally Posted by stormer
If you know the date in Sept. you are interested in, call and try to book it. Eveything I read says it ends Aug. 28, but we were interested in going Aug. 29. We called 407-wdw-dine and were able to book it for the 29th no problem!


I called today about this and the CM advised me it hasnt been determined if it was being extended yet. I would keep calling…


Maybe if lots of people keep calling they’ll extend it!! :biggrin:


If they extend it, what do you think are the chances of it being able to use dining credits?


Now that would be a SWEET deal:biggrin: :laugh: