Any college football fans


i was going to wait to put this one with my trip report but it’s just too good for me to hold onto any longer… when we were a turtle talk with crush, a guy walks up to me and ask if his son can take a picture with my daughter. of course i thought how weird at first and then i saw his sons sweatshirt… i took a quick picture myself and when i got back to our room i had to laugh at the look on their faces… my daughter has that expression as if she’s thinking…



lol…and I don’t think the deer is gonna move…and here comes the truck.:smile:


That’s hilarious!! :laugh:


LOL!!! I love that!!!


That is so funny!



making this long enough


You know, um, in California they give us comfy seats to sit on, not benches… :laugh:


Very Cute!!


That is very cute!


very cute!! Go Tigers!!!


I hope it’s a good game - We’ll be at WDW Dec. 28 thru Jan. 2, which mean’s I’ll have to hit the ESPN Zone for the ROSE BOWL Jan. 1. I’ll be wearing my Illini jersey - woo hoo!

(Hey, LSU, if WE can beat the Buckeyes, you’d better be able to…I attached a pic from the Illini postgame celebration in Ohio Stadium.)

Any of you Illinois fans will now how to respond to THIS:

[SIZE=“7”]I - L - L ! …[/SIZE]


well, maybe one day when USC finally has a team good enough for LSU to come to cali and play, i’ll get to come over there and try out some of those nice comfy seats for all those prima donnas in california.:laugh:


That is too funny!


That is too funny! GO LSU! I’m a Gamecock so of course I want a SEC to win the national title! I think they will roll over Ohio State and prove the SEC to be top dogs!


Um…is it I N I?:blink: I think that’s it huh? Not part of the Illini…but I remember one time being at Disneyland just prior to the Rose Bowl when they were playing in it. Couldn’t get away from this chant/cheer!:blink: :laugh: :laugh: I do hope Illinois stomps all over USC though!!!

Ahem…Geaux Tigers!!!