Any comments...a serious article



Well…you asked…so here’s my thoughts on the article…

  1. The rationale he used is way off…he mentions no big additions (can’t remember his words) from Everest to Avatar??? What about New Fantasyland??? Not sure what he means by that—it’s his own way of thinking I guess.

  2. Disney has always wanted guests to stay on property—this is NOT something new—that thought process has been there since the first time I went to WDW… quite a long time ago. They are trying new things --no incentives – to make it worth our while. It’s a business practice, and luckily I can take advantage of it. Also, the statements he makes about Disney not caring so much for the “seasoned” Disney veteran aren’t true—my reservation this summer is based on a PIN discount I received in the mail for the time period that I went 2 years ago. Good incentive–good marketing!! It got me back.

  3. Businesses have to be innovative and creative. …and flexible—if this doesn’t work well, they will try something else…but so far…it must be working for them because they have rolled it out to more and more people as time has gone on.

  4. I have never been a big FP user so I can’t really answer to that part of the article…I will use some for this summers trip…but in the end—I am hoping that they have thought this out and it all will work to everyones advantage.

  5. I have not used the MyMagic+ system yet, except to make my ADRs…so far so good—and I do like the idea that I can and have gotten reservations at BOG ahead…but I only made a couple ADRS for a week long stay. I don’t feel pressure to do any more than that…

  6. Disney is a business and has to do what they can to stay afloat. I am not a fan of change—but I can and do adjust…I will see how this new system works this summer—am thinking positive. I am open to Disney trying new things, because the very worst case scenario would be that the whole company goes down the tubes because they DIDN’T try new things—and then where would we be.

  7. The author sounds like a very bitter man…

Ok :slight_smile: you asked. lol

PS Let me add that I don’t defend Disney on everything–and I don’t like change–but in the end—we have two choices—we either continue to go-----or we don’t!! Simple as that. I am not sure that “analyzing” helps anything…


Any change will bring resistance. In time this will be forgotten as something newer will have everyone’s attention.


I will experience it very shortly,we will be there in 2 weeks for 2 weeks and we will test it out and see what all the fuss is about,as far as the mans thoughts on e-ticket attractions I personally feel that way also,yes the new fantasy land but that is for the younger side,the era of splash,space ,rockin,tower,screamin,soarin seems to have stalled and yes for some WDW is a once every 5 years or so ,but for us regulars the gap seems to be getting longer and I am not getting any younger,we have been going to the world for over 23 years now and this to us is longest we have gone without something truly new to spice up the trips,that being said we are still huge fans but come on Disney kick it into overdrive for us USA based fans…I have no plans to go to SHANGHAI


John, both you and the author have forgotten the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster that will be opening soon, completing the Fantasyland expansion. If this isn’t an E-ticket, nothing is. And it was not an inexpensive item.
But don’t get me started because I’ll once again mention “Disney’s Coaster Kingdom” as my choice for the fifth WDW park. Also, it needs to be remembered that DHS is about to undergo a major renewal project between the expanded Star Wars area and Carsland (if this does happen as planned).

I however, do not want Avatarland in ANY Disney park.
Better to concentrate on Marvel and more of the in house animal and nature stuff Disney has done for decades.


So true. I have come to the point where little sissy whines like this make me roll my eyes instead of get angry. Things evolve and change every day with Disney and with life. It makes you wonder how they handle change in their own lives on things that really matter.


I am not defending the article ,I will render my opinion after experiencing the system, but some comments from patrons that have already used the system are mixed at best, yes the sample size is small but only time will tell… and we will se if adjustments are necessary… like I said we will be there very soon and we shall give it a good testing out


I am not defending the article ,I will render my opinion after experiencing the system, but some comments from patrons that have already used the system are mixed at best, yes the sample size is small but only time will tell… and we will se if adjustments are necessary… like I said we will be there very soon and we shall give it a good testing out


I am not defending the article ,I will render my opinion after experiencing the system, but some comments from patrons that have already used the system are mixed at best, yes the sample size is small but only time will tell… and we will se if adjustments are necessary… like I said we will be there very soon and we shall give it a good testing out


I agree but I am not getting any younger and the mine ride is a family ride from what I can see…and heard…so I consider it maybe and e-ticket but if you can check out Disney’s other parks around the world and see the rides that they have broth forth at those parks while we have great rdies but they seem to get more attention right now…but don’t get me wrong I only forwarded the article so please don’t kill the messenger…the title speaks for itself any thoughts???


I am hearing more and more good experiences from the new Magic Band system, so I am thinking positive. :happy:

I’ve already given my opinions on the article…I don’t go to WDW for just thrill rides…we have Kings Dominion, Six Flags, and Busch Gardens to go to for thrill rides…

There is always something new to see and do every time we visit WDW so it’s not a problem for me.


Like I said time will tell obviously we still love Disney we will be there for 2 weeks very soon (not single digits yet but ask me that in 4 days)and another 10 day trip in the fall and another 2 weeks next spring…but I don’t look at it in a personal way I look at it in a business sense.From what I know the deal with Marvel was a great move but they cannot do anything with Marvel in the theme parks on the east coastfor about 5 more years …but in the conversations I have had with patrons here at Disneyland and WDW it has gotten expensive and what have you done for me lately,yes 2 years in in California adventure Radiator springs is still strong,but when I think of Disney I think of next best fireworks,parade,themed rides,shows,etc…to me the pace has slowed considerably…but just to appease all we still are huge,huge fans and will continue to be DISNEYITES but I speak for its future and the next generation of DISNEY lovers


I didn’t think you were defending it at all. I simply stated my opinion on the article you posted. I didn’t even quote you or mention you, so not sure why you thought it was directed at you.


sorry if it felt that way,I just republished a story from another site…like I said we will see very shortly and I will give you my impressions as we see it…


You impressions are you own and I am very curious to see your thoughts on it. Since I know this system is already evolving and changing into more, I wouldn’t get too hung up on it at this time. When completed, it’s going to give you all the freedoms you have had in the past, just done differently and a bit better. When you are able to park hop with it and pick three more fast passes after using your first three, this system is going to be amazing to use. It will be equally fun for the planner and non planner. Until that time comes, there will be bumps in the road and things that make touring not quite as easy for us who go every year. It’s a work in progress for sure. Disney has given me countless memories and moments that will be with me always - they are irreplaceable. For what they have given me, I can patiently wait for their next best thing and make do until now. I can’t have a full opinion on something that isn’t done. In concept, this is going to be so amazing when done. I have faith. Disney doesn’t do stupid business. I want to presume that they are not spending all this money on this technology for something that sucks…just a thought. Because I adapt to change well, none of this is going to really hinder anything I do. I go, find the best ways to use the system as is and share that with my clients to ensure they have the most magic possible. If you go there with the right attitude about the system that is there now, it may be a better experience. If you go there looking for faults and flaws, you are bound to find many. It’s all in your attitude and the way you adapt to change. Hope you have a great experience.


I agree but to answer that thought that Disney doesn’t do stupid things I might take issue with that,many years ago Disney decided to update the bus allocation system,they were asked by many people not to do this during spring break but they went ahead with it anyways the result was an average wait of 45 minutes,resulting in very frustrated patrons now for somebody like us we grinned and bore it but for the people with a once in a lifetime trip spending big bucks it was a disaster,so while I will go with the flow and probably like it,others really don’t want to be part of a beta program…like buying a new car you don’t want it to eventually run properly…I will give all my Disney experience as we see it…


This is no longer a “Beta program”…it’s in full effect. Disney does whatever they do for a reason. Patrons really have the option to not go back. Disney obviously feels what they are doing is for the greater good and big picture. Hope you go with an open mind and enjoy it and look for the positives in what will be later instead of what you don’t like now. Change is never an easy process, but in order to evolve and grow, it’s necessary. Enjoy your vacation.


You are preaching to a BIG Disney fan,that being said they are not perfect and neither am I or …like I said I just reposted the article and I will see how it goes…my son is a computer genius and thru his conections at disney he says it is doing very well …but I will make my own decisions and I am spending my hard earned money and all judgements will be run thru that prism…Dana I have no problem with fastpass+ …but I can see why that gentleman wrote the article…that is his opinion not mine…and having been to WDW over 40 times in the last 22 years and DLR over 400 times in the last 41 years I believe I will give an honest assessment of of the new system once I experience it…


It worked fine for us for our December 2013 trip. I was able to link both our DVC reservation and our 1 night at POFQ. Reservations were no trouble, only thing that needs more tinkering which I know they are doing is Fastpass+

I wish there were more discounts going around but my life will go by with or without them. If we can afford to go, we go and if not, well, we stay home and watch Disney movies and videos on YouTube of other people’s trips :stuck_out_tongue:


Magic Band trip 3:
You need to have your actual AP and not just your band in order to get your 10% AP discount.
(Anyone can find your band and us it so they want the actual AP as additional ID, or so they say)
The 3 passes/1 park problem is worse now that you can only get one e-ticket FP. Problem 2 here is that every single guest is now locked into a maximum of 3 FPs and CAN NOT get any FPs in any other park now that the individual ride FP distribution has been nixed.

Park entry and FP check in were quick and painless, unless of course your finger tag isn’t lining up.
Using the band to pay and charge back to your room is easy, even at the sit down restaurants.
Still have to learn the sweet spot for the door lock though.

I did take the time to voice my opinions at Epcot’s guest relations counter knowing that changes won’t be made unless we let the right CMs know our frustrations and concerns.