Any December discounts yet?


Just wondering. I know that the offer for free dining ends today.


While you never know for sure with Disney, I expect Nov-Dec discounts like AP and Visa to be released in mid-August. This is based on past experience.


I was able to use my AAA discount booking for December.

I’m hoping a great AP rate comes out though!


I Ditto that thought!


I received a pincode via email (it arrived in my bulk mail) for 20% room rate only. I took it but am hoping for something that is package inclusive and for the whole 11 nights I’m staying. Unfortunately, it was only good for 7 days.


hope they going soon,free dinning would be great but not likley


I don’t think that will ever happen but we can dream.


Last year if I’m not mistaken the Dec rates came out late in July. I was suprised because the first time we went the rates came out early in August. Good luck, I hope you get a great deal.