Any discounts available for 2005 yet?


I have been out of touch with the goings on for a while.

Are there any discounts available yet for 2005 rooms?


The only thing possible for 2005 would be AAA, and they have not yet been released. Probably will not see anything for 2005 for a couple of months, possibly November.


Thanks Mickey!!
You think I’d know that after 3 trips in a row!


Thanks for asking that one Buzz I have been wondering the same thing. Thanks Mickey.


The AAA discounts have just come out according to


I booked my trip for Jan '05 on Friday and I got the AAA discount. She told me that if anything lower comes out that we can change to the lower price with no problem.


Does anyone know about the discounts codes for teachers/fireman/nurses/policemen at Swan and Dolphin? These hotels do not advertise these discounts but there is a code when you book and you do have to show proof of your profession. Anyone know anything about this??