Any Discounts Or Promotions? Help!


Hey everyone! I have missed MB and you guys so much! But I have been so busy the passed couple weeks what with figuring out my next internship and all of that good stuff! But the real reason I post this is… me and my family are looking into possibly going on a vacation towards the end of this year, or may the beginning of next! I know… I’m excited to! But I have to remember, we’re just looking… I’m about to make dining reservations I’m so excited! lol.

The thing is, is we haven’t been on a real Disney vacation since Aug 2008! Because of babies being born and ect. Some of us went for a few days last spring when they dropped me off for my internship, but that doesn’t count. And this past summer my father, as some of you may know had a series of mini-strokes and was diagnosed with diabetes. So this would be the first time we’ve gone since he was sick. Now, he’s recovered very well, but he just doesn’t have all the strength back and we don’t want to put the stress of August heat on him, so were were looking into Sept-Dec. Maybe Jan. We are going during low peaks and hoping to find any discounts we can! Considering my dad couldn’t go back to work, we’re all chipping in for this one as a surprise for my parents, since my moms been working so hard! And my dad deserves a little break from being so bored what with having to adjust to early retirement!

As some of you may know, I’ve only been Disney once inbetween the last week of Nov and the first of Decemeber, so any tips or tricks is much appreciated! Thank you everyone. Plus does anyone know if they’ll do free dining of any sort. Opinions?

Thanks again guys!


Can’t say for sure, but I am really hoping for free dining as well. I know there is a deal right now for room discounts for stays until October 1/ 2011. I don’t think that helps you for your dates though. I guess just hang on & hope for pixie dust to do the trick!


Oh sorry, didn’t read your post properly. I thought you wanted to go in November/ December. So maybe the room discount is a help after all. Walt Disney World&reg - Walt Disney World&reg - Special Offer
Here is the link.


how long and how many people…I have heard of a few promos,but would like to help with specifics…it would be easier…there are and will be promos …


Thanks so much Nancy! We are looking for anything from Sept-Dec (before Christmas.) And only during low season or discounted times! lol.

DelmarJoh, it’s 13 people (8 adults and 5 kids) And we’d be going for 7 days, 6 nights. Probably value like POP, possibly Moderate if theres a deal. Anytime from Sept to Dec (before Chrismtas) and we are trying to go on low peak times.



Have you thought about renting points from a DVC member? You won’t get any free dining, but the savings might be substantial.


This is true. We are seriously considering renting points if free dining does not come available. We are just not sure if really like not having housekeeping (DVC rooms do not have every day housekeeping), but you can get great high-end rooms for the price of moderates. This link can show estimate prices for what a room can cost. Just type in the dates you want, & after the points come up, hover over them with your mouse & the cost will show up.
David’s Disney Vacation Club Point Rentals
I believe there are members here at MB who post offers to rent points in the “dvc” threads.


You are so helpful! Thank you sooo much for that link! I had considered DVC points once before, but again, we didn’t do it because we honestly save so much on food with the DDP. But, I might consider convincing everyone to try and do it this year if there is no free dining promo. But again, even with that, it’s more than what we usually pay for vacation, especially without free dining. But we would get the luxury of all being together in one room with a lot of space. And with 5 kids under 6 thats awesome! Plus, the property is better for relaxing. And we could cook food if we wanted to. But again, who wants to cook and clean on vacation??? I’ll have to price it out! Thanks so much for the advice and link!

I’ll let you guys know! (holding out for that free dining still!) If there is free dining then we most likely will definitely go. If no free dining I’d really have to figure out how to get us there in a reasonable range of price!


Also, can you buy the DDP if you are renting DVC points or no?

Does anyone remember how much the dining plans are each?


You can add the dining plan to a DVC rental. Officially up to 1 week in advance of your arrival but it seems that the renter usually asks 30 days notice to have enought time to process the request. You must pay the cost of the dining at the time you are adding it, not when you check-in (as was the case in the past). The cost is up to 45.99/ adult & 11.99/ child under 10 years old. we have the same dillemma as you. Trying to justify staying at a fancier resort but no free dining is hard to do. I guess if there is no free dining & if you are going to go no matter what, then it is a good deal compared to a moderate resort.


Well Nancy, thanks to you, I got to price out exactly what a DVC rental vacation with dining would cost! :happy: And honestly, the DVC rental is only a couple hundred more than stay at POP (with 3 rooms) for 7 days/6nights with the dining plan and park tickets (since no free dining has been announced), then it is to stay at the Boardwalk 2 bdr villa for 7 days/6nights with dining and park tickets.

So if no free dining gets announced, I suppose DVC Rental is the better way to go. It’s a few hundred more, but we get better pools, better room, we all get to be together in one room and it’ll make us extremely close to HS and EPCOT. So we’ll see how it goes…

DVC renting always makes me nervous though, probably because I don’t understand exactly how it works, any suggestions on it?


Sorry, I can’t really offer any sugestions other than doing alot of research. I am considering it for the first time myself & for the exact same reason as you. If free dining does not get announced it will be worth it for us too. My only 2 concerns after doing research is that for the 3 of us, there will only be 1 bed & 1 sofa-bed. Everyone has reassured me that the sofa will be comfortable for DS but we have been burned before. The other concern is that I usually buy trip insurance through Disney because they are reasonably priced, & if we rent points I won’t be able to. I will have to look into my options for that. Lets both hope for pixie dust to make our trip plans all work out.


Haha yes! And if I find anything of interest out I’ll be sure to share it with you! I’m sure the pull outs would be pretty comfortable considering the amount of money people shell out to buy into the DVC resorts. And yes, I hope this does have a little sprinkling of dust!