Any discounts over Easter?


My son’s High School marching band will be performing at Disney World the week before Easter. Of course we have to go but the resport prices are so high and the only discount I am seeing is a AAA discount. Has anyone gotten discounts for this period? We will be there March 29th through April 5th. We have APs and also have the Disney Visa. There will be five if us going and we usually get two rooms at POR. Grandma does not want to smash into one room.

I am actually thinking (gulp) of staying off site. :crying::crying::crying:


If I recall correctly, I think the two weeks surrounding Easter are usually exempt from any discounts because that time of the year is one of Disney’s busiest.
We always travel in the Spring and I recall those dates usually being blacked out of any current promotions.
I hope you are able to find something resonable and stay on site!


Thanks Mickey Mom. I hope we find something too. I do not want to stay off site!


We are staying on our DVC points, and that week is the highest charged. I have knots in my stomach about how crowded it really is going to be, or will we be pleasantly surprised because it is so expensive that week that no one goes. Anyways, what’s the name of your Son’s band? We will be cheering him on if we see them!


My son’s band is from Ralston Valley High School in Colorado. I too hope that everyone else thinks it is too expensive to go over Easter. We can dream right?


now I’m really nervous too---- I wonder how crowded “crowded” is…


My first time ever as a child was over Easter weekend and it was elbow-to-elbow in MK and Epcot. It was insane. Good luck if you go, but I am not sure you are going to find a discount. Check with Mouseketrips, they have been great to deal with.


The other concern is even booking. That’s peak season so…

There are LOTS of rooms but it’s closer than you think aready! Good luck.


Well, we booked two rooms at Pop Century using the AAA rate. I am having a hard time getting excited about staying here. Has anyone ever been here?

I hope some other discount opens up so I can change to the usual, POR.

Thanks for all the advice.


the first time ever I stayed on site was at pop of all the value resorts I think it is the best. thIey usually always have stuff for kids to do around the pool in the evening. the food court is bigger than the other value resorts also. I remember i think it is the epcot fireworks you can also see from part of Pop also. It is not that bad of a resort. I was going to say if you could not get on site I have timeshare at Westgate town center I could of helped you out with. As far as crowds go it is crowded at that time at AK make use of the early morning EMH try to do it camando style for that park. MK just be prepared for lines. It is very doable around Easter just get your ADR’s asap that will be the worst. GOOD LUCK.


Get excited!!! I have stayed at Pop a few times and love it. Every time we have stayed there it has been a positive experience. I highly recommend Pop Century. We have always had great CMs and short lines at the desk. The lines at the food court typically move quickly and the lobby smells like fresh cookies! We enjoy the different themes (decades) and the pool areas. The location of Pop is much better than the other value resorts. We have never had to wait too long on busses to head to the parks, so that is good. We love Pop and hope you will also!


Stayed at All Star once. It wasn’t my ideal location but the room was nice, clean and hey, you’re on site.

I’ve stayed a MUCH worse places!


Ive stayed at Pop several times and love it! It’s much different than POR but I also feel like it’s a little more “magical”


Florida, Spring Break. Need I say any more?


I have read that there is only one bus stop at Pop and the lines can be terrible. Have any of you experienced problems getting on the buses? Thanks


I was reluctant to stay at the Pop on my last trip after a couple of trips staying at Deluxe. However, I stayed there four nights in November and was very pleasantly surprised. I found it clean, the rooms were serviceable. The Food Court area was fantastic with lots of variety. All of the staff we encountered were super friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is fun and we had no issues with buses. They were crowded, yes, but they were timely!


Thanks Karen. What am I complaining about? I will be at Disney after all!