Any DVC members?


Hi there!

I am currently a So Cal resident and we go to Disney at least once a month. Needless to say, I am a HUGE FAN, and so are my kiddos :wub: !

However, we will be moving to GA next month and I am soo sad that we will not be able to go to Disneyland anymore. :crying:

We are currently looking into the Disney Vacation Club( DVC). Since we are a family of 6, it is getting quite $$ for the ammount of points that we would need to have the kind of vacation trip that I would like.

I was hoping that some of you were members and could give me feedback ( good and bad) on DVC.


Jen and DH
Serena 5
Jiselle 3
Hayden 2
Shaylin 5m


We have been DVC members since 93 and have never been disappointed or regretted the decision to buy. It is truly like going home when we go. Any specific questions you have, I am sure one of us will be more than happy to answer. If you look under forums here on DC, there is a section on DVC that will have lots of good information for you.


Well it’s not cheap, but neither is any vacation. Once you get past the initial investment and just look at the annual fee it’s a bargin.

It’s well worth looking into. Buying direct from DVC saves you closing cost and they have some financing programs available. Resale you can but a few or as many points as you want, but closing cost are almost same for 25 points as 2500 points.

The best part is actually TWO parts. First is although you never actually OWN your timeshare like someother places (it is known as a “right to use”) and expires in 2042 or 2054 I think. So in theory, the value slowly decreases as the time gets shorter. While that has happened to some extent, because of inflation, point values have actually gone up which offsets some of the decline. Also, Disney has a first right of refusal which helps keep values high.

Secondly, is the flexability. While your best value it in a DVC resort, you can use points to reserve in any WD resort. The cost per night is higher that it would cost you at a DVC location, but it is still lower than available to the public.

It far exceeds any other timeshare out there in my opinion, and if you want to stay on site at it’s a good way to go.


We have been members since 2003, and the perks are wonderful. We got our Annual passes for $100 off, which then got us the DDE for $50. The two bedroom condos are wonderful and SSR (the current timeshare disney is selling) is beautiful and HUGE. Also, when you purchase it is for 50 years and it is willable and transferable, so you can give it to the kids. That’s plenty of time for the kids and any future grandkids. Just imagine what WDW will be in 50 years. Plus, after you pay it off you lodging for the next 50 years. If you average the cost of lodging on-property for the next 50 years (even without inflation), it doesn’t come close to the cost of DVC. All you have are the maintence fees and they aren’t near the price of lodging for a trip.

The points are also, bankable for the following year or you can borrow against next year, so if you don’t want to use a year then you can take a longer trip the next year. You are also staying in Disney’s top accomodation (Home Away from Home) which are some of the priciest, and you can stay at any DVC resort (home resort bookings are 12 months out, other DVC resorts 7 months), you aren’t limited to your home resort. Anyway you look at it, it was a bargain for us, and would be for your family. We LOVE DVC.


We are DVC members, and a family of 7, so I know how you feel. Take a look at some of the resellers and buy points at Old Key West or Saratoga Springs, it takes fewer points to stay there compared to the other resorts.

Welcome to DC, let us know if you have any more DVC questions.


We are a family of 6, like you, and have just joined DVC this past September. We live about an hour from WDW so we were going all of the time so we figured why not check out DVC. One of our biggest issues was always trying to get accomodations big enough for my family. My kids are 9, 7, 7, & 1 so the larger rooms at DVC are great for us. As your kids grow you will really see the benefit.
At first, I was concerned about making reservations with DVC. All I ever read was the 7 or 11 month window. Living close by we usually make plans with short notice but so far I have not had any issues. I called just after we joined in early September and got 2 nights at OKW at the end of the same month. Last week I made reservations for 2 nights at VWL for Mid-December. I also agree with the reasons that the others have listed and feel that as we go on the cost of hotels will go up and our cost will remain the same. We bought at SSR so we have 50 years of DVC membership to look forward too.


Outside of the cost, the only “bad” thing that I can say about DVC is that you are kinda, sorta locked into WDW vacations for the long term. For my family and most of the folks on DC, that’s a “good” thing…but for some folks, that’s just WAY too much WDW. Sure, you can use your points for other non-Disney related vacations…but I hear that you don’t get the same bang for your buck. With your monthly visits to DL, this doesn’t sound like it will be a problem.



We became members 3 years ago and haven’t regretted it one bit (we actually bought more points this year).

For a family of 6, your on-site accomodation options are limited to either 2 std rooms or a 2 b/r villa if you aren’t a member - both will be very pricey. You need to do the math, but likely with the DVC, a 2 b/r villa or grand villa every year or every other year will probably pay for itself within 3 or 4 trips. When you do the math, keep in mind that the interest/taxes are deductible, so there’s a few extra bucks in it for you there too!

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to WDW (being in So. Cal), but you will be amazed how easy/convenient it is to get around to the different parks and resorts when you stay at a disney resort. For us, that was the clincher…we simply couldn’t afford to come every year or every other year and stay on-site at a deluxe resort w/o DVC. The rooms are very nice (and as somebody said, bigger) and having a kitchen works out nice for breakfast and snacks (and lunch/dinner if you are inclined). There are more inexpensive timeshares available, but the price difference comes at a cost of convenience (which is what I want on a vacation).


Good luck with your move to GA. It is a very nice place to live, and the people are not as bad as the news makes us out to be!!!


We are planning on using our points for a stay at Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge which is about 3 hrs. away from us using some of our DVC points. I know that the accomodations are nice and better than we could afforded had we paid for those stays. There are also some people on here who use their points in Colorado, etc. I have never heard them complain about the accomodations. They have always said how nice they are. I disagree with the you don’t get enough bang for your buck if you stay outside WDW.


We are a family of 7 and everyone loves WDW. We would never be able to afford these recurring trips. The DVC is great. On off years, DW and I use left over points for a long weekend somewhere. We financed the points (tax deductible) and are used to the monthly cost. Now all we need to cover is transportation, food and fees.



I certainly didn’t mean to imply that the other available properties aren’t nice…they look great! For the ones that I’ve priced, I would be better off selling/renting the DVC points and paying for the non-DVC resort out of the money (that’s what I meant by ‘bang for the buck’). That may not be true for all resorts, and the point sale/rental certainly adds another layer of ‘hassle’ to the process.




Stayed offsite twice and while Orange Lake was nice (timeshare trade) it was a royal pain to get into the parks. I owned a week at Sheraton Vista Anna (even more inconvient location) which I bought on ebay but after staying off site at OL I sold it.

Just being able to head back to the room for a mid afternoon chill period then head back to park of choosing is worth it.

And while there are TONS of timeshares available in Orlando area, many are really so so. If you can buy a week for a $1 (which I’ve actually done twice) there is a reason.


The best thing about the club is you can pick up and go whenever. We were there in January and purchased the 10 day pass. We have 6 days left on them. So I just asked the family last night if they wanted to go next month and, surprisingly, they said yes.
I have no additional cost now but food and a 15hr drive from NC. OK, I’ll still blow a lot of money on Disney stuff, but so what. Depending on where you are in GA, you can drive there in about 8hrs (having a car is key in wdw). We go Sun-Thrs during the cheaper seasons which really saves points. With the base 150pts you could stay 4-5 nights in a 2 bdrm suite every year. Or skip a year and go for a week during peak season.
Good luck with the move and welcome to the South y’all.


We’re DVC members and in fact, I’m writing this from OKW. Along with owning DVC, we also own Interval International, so we often combine both for two weeks at OKW. I can’t say we’ve regretted purchasing DVC (we’ve paid off our loan this month) - but I wouldn’t recommend buying from a condo re-sale company. Disney has right of first refusal and this is what happened to us. Needless to say, it left a bad taste in our mouth to have Disney buy the points out from under us. You know it’s business, but it still feels personal. Buy directly from Disney to save yourself disappointment.