Any family reunion suggestions?


Our entire family has never been to WDW at the same time, so now that the kids are ds26 ds22 dd18 and dd16 I’m wondering about planning a family reunion for um… maybe March or April '08. That will give everyone enough time to save up what they can without stressing about it.

At this point, none of the kids have had children, so no grandbabies (yet) but who knows. So, it’s gonna be myself and the kids and any significant others that happen to be in the picture. I’ve never planned something this long term before, so hopefully I’ll get some insights from anyone who already has, and the vaca will be a smash success. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions by those that have done something similar would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I’ve never planned anything like that, but it sure sounds like fun.

Here is the linck to Disneys “Grand Gatherings” page. I think this might help out a little.


I’ve never planned a family reunion either, but just wanted to say welcome to DC! You’ll get lots of good advice here on resorts, restaurants and anything else Disney!


We did a family reunion during the week between Christmas and New Year a few years back. I did basically all the preplanning and let me tell you - it was FUN but a lot of work. But you’d best start doing the planning now. Determine how long your trip will be, where the majority would like to stay (you MUST stay on-site, IMHO).

When we did it (there were 10 of use), we stayed at the Dolphin. The location is excellent and if any in your party is a teacher or a nurse, the Dolphin offers a pretty nice discount. All you need to do is tell them when you’re making your reservations. However, we’ve also stayed at all three All-Star resorts and at Pop Century and they’re very nice AND economical. If All-Star Music opens the suites as I’ve heard they’re going to, they could be a very nice option for a family reunion.

Check with Mousketrips (there’s a link through this site). Mousketrips is a travel agency that deals only with Disney trips! You can’t beat them! They’ve helped me with my last two trips and I wouldn’t think of planning a trip without them now. They can help you plan everything.

Good luck, have fun planning and WELCOME TO DC!


I always envy people that can pull this off.

My sister has suggested a “family” Christmas at WDW this year - bringing in family from all across Canada and Mexico. It’s a daunting task - so naturally she’s left it up to me :dry: I don’t even know where to begin. We’re not a great family for “commitmen”. Frankly - I don’t see it happening. I’d like some tips, too.


thanks for the warm welcomes :slight_smile: AND the suggestions! I’ve already dl’d the magical gatherings planner from the WDW site.

Llama: eye eye eye! :slight_smile:


Don’t do it, don’t have a family reunion! :nuke: :ninja:

Oh sorry, I was just thinking about my family’s reunion. :nonono2: :angel:


We’ve done the “Family Reunion” thing each trip we’ve taken to WDW…6 since 1999. Our smallest group being 10, our largest 22. The largest trip included my parents, my sister & family, my DH’s parents, DH’s brother & family, friends & us!! Our past trip we had 14. ALL of our trips have been a little different, but they all have been very successful!!! We pretty much know going into the trip that we won’t be glued to each others hips the entire time. So the younger/braver folks can go and do the wild rides, while the not so crazy go and find something tamer to do. We usually meet up a few times a day, spend most the evening time together to watch parades, fireworks, illuminations, fantasmic, etc together. We plan 3-4 (or more) big sit down meals for the group…if folks want to join us it’s great, but if they choose to do something else during that time (or save $$ by avoiding the sit down meal) no feelings hurt. Mainly be open with everyone BEFORE you go, have a plan, make your ADR’s and be VERY FLEXIBLE. Oh, and if you have expectations…let your group know so they can help fulfill them! (ie riding Dumbo with your youngest child, seeing a special show all together…stuff like that) When traveling the parks with a large group it’s hard to cover alot of ground quickly, so plan things out and then go with the flow. Nothing is better than spending a vacation at Disney World surrounded by your family and friends!!! Good luck & happy planning!!!
Oh & welcome to DC!