Any funny stories thus far?


After nearly 4 months I’ve so many great stories, and most come from kids who talk too much. Wanted to know if you other CPers have had some funny tales. Also to entice others to do CP if possible. I’ll start w/ 2: A lil girl no more than 4 approached Belle in France at Epcot recently. Asked where Beast was. Belle said he’d be out very soon. What did the girl say? I quote: “That’s OK. Sometimes the Beast comes to my house when my daddy goes to work!” That is my favorite and I laughed most at! My other tale? Guess the pics I’ve attached say it all. Notice in one pic how I let Disney go to my head!


HAHAHA. That is great you with Mickey on your head!! Glad to see you are having a great time, I wish I could do CP.


Rowdy, was the father there? Man that would be horrid thing to find out on your vacation…


Didn’t see dad, but the look on mom’s face…wow LOL!!!


I wondered the same thing, tigger.


Love that song!!! Monorail goes round the outside!!LOL!!



Great pics, Matt! How fun that you’re able to fit so many different roles!! Now, tell me, do the cast members think it’s weird when adults seem to love the characters as much as the kids?


I love the song Matt! I’ve heard a lot of spoof for that song, but your’s is the best!



Not the least bit! In fact, I see it as many people living out their life dreams they didn’t get to do as kids. Seeing adults having fun makes our day better no matter what happened…and thanks to ya’ll who’ve listened to my song bout working for Disney!


Matt -

Love your pics! Sweetums is my favorite of them all. Loved your hairdo too… I can’t believe what the little girl said…you must have just about died. I am certain the mother wanted to :eek:


He he he he ha ha ha ha ( sorry i am having a laughing fit ) na ha ha ha ha te he he he he ! cant stop ha ha ha


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Oh. I assumed the little girl must have meant some kind of imaginary play-friend or something… :blush:


I enjoyed this thread… had not seen this one! Thanks!


Pluto, I don’t know where you found this, but It was great. What a story.