Any Future Cast Members Among Us?


If so, don’t miss the job fair at WDW starting tomorrow!


One day I will be there.

(I’ll be the old guy giving wrong directions because I think that’s funny.)


I am going to take the place of one of the animated pirates in the POTC ride, but I need to be one of the ones with the JUG!! :pirate:


After reading about Ginger’s experience,the only way I would work for Disney is if I could be one of the Voices of Liberty.


For every experience like Ginger’s though, there are hundreds of positve CM experiences.


I think it’d be nice when I’m old and retired. :happy:

I’d hate to have to do it for the money. :eek:


I second that!


Yeah, I am with ingamba on this. Not everyone has a tough experience with mine. There are tons of happy cast members and not every manager is tough to deal with. I just happened to get a rough thing thrown at me, but it worked out for the best. I have no hard feelings towards them anymore.