Any good shopping promotions lately in the parks?


Just wondering what the latest shopping promotions have been in the parks. Last year we loved the canvas totes you could purchase after you spent a certain amount. The year before we got an awesome snuggly blanket :slight_smile:
Anything good now?


Hmmm, I would like to know too!


I believe when I was there in June it was a beach towel or a luggage set.


ooo me too!! Shopping Main Street in MK is one of DD4s favorite parts of the trips (Mommy likes it a little too!). I think I’ve gotten about 4 watches & Halloween totes last year, but nothing else. I’d love to hear what could be available in September…


We just got back a couple of weeks ago and they were offering a beach towel while we were there.


This was the same exact promotion when I was there Mothers Day weekend. The luggage was adoreable. My ma bought a set for each of her grandkids!



I’m offering autographed photographs of the fountain adventure.


We once had a little pull along suitcase, it was really lovely. And if you are spending alot, say on going home gifts etc those promotions are such a bonus.


:laugh::laugh::laugh: Aren’t they in police custody?


Last Christmas, we got a fuzzy blanket with a pic of the castle on it. Came in very handy while waiting for the New Year’s Eve fireworks. So toasty warm and soft and fuzzy…:wub:


I love purchase with purchase gifts! The luggage sounds so cute. I wish they have something cool when ever we get to go back. Last time I was there it was a blanket or a framed picture of the castle with a bunch of the characters around it (some of them were pins set into the picture) I got it to put in the nursery. My dd is now 2 1/2 and just loves the picture.


I LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the purchase deals! I got the tote last time…I got a great ornament set one year… Can’t wait to see what the give-away is in August. You know I will easily spend the required amount…lol


You and me both Dana! Look out Mainstreet- here we come!
I bought 2 of the totes each time the last two times I went ~:ohmy: I love them for work and overnight bags! DH thinks I have 1 and keep washing it… LOL! You have to keep a couple pretty for when the others wear out!
I love the castle blanket too- it folds so small for the plane or to carry in the parks.


We always seem to get watches and hip packs when we’re there.


Any pictures of the luggage?? Or beach towel??


we have gptten the watches and the small suitcases on wheels.


I love the blankets around the holidays!


I thought you were signing autographs on BEER mugs over in Germany ???
. . . or was it police mugshots ??? hmmmm


Send 1 via email please.


[QUOTE=WALL;1040650]I thought you were signing autographs on BEER mugs over in Germany ???
. . . or was it police mugshots ??? hmmmm[/QUOTE]

You two should offer a “two for the price of one” deal! :laugh: