Any help


my daughter found this shirt online and she really wants it but only spot i can find it is on ebay for 30 dollars and i cant believe that is it…


Try calling the merchandie order hotline and see if they have it. There is a phone numbers thread in chit chat where you can find the number…if you are going to WDW, just look for it there too.


I have seen that shirt many times at disney. have you looked on maybe it is online and you can buy it there. or if anything maybe you can call disney themselves and see if you can buy the shirt directly from them if its a Disney theme park shirt only.


That’s a really cute shirt. I hope you find it.


i emailed disney and asked them for 2 of them…i want to surprise my daughter and have them send them to either shipped here or sent to the poly for the dates i will be there so that way she will be surprised.


ok so i have emailed them and then called and still they will call me back…how long does the mail order thing usually take. i was hoping to take care of it while my daughter was in school. anyone know


ok people i ordered me and my daughter one as a surprise…hope she likes it…even though she has acted like a brat all day…ever since she turned 11 it is lets push mommys buttons urggg