Any ideas


i am going to disney jan 31st …how empty will it be and how is the temp

and i am trying to get into the tower of the contemporary instead of the garden wing is that a good idea or no


The crowds should be very light. Someone just posted that the resorts are only 35% filled, so that should mean super light crowds. The weather is hit or miss that time of year. I always tell people to dress in layers. I went the last week of January twice and both times I was comfortable with cotton or fleece lounge wear (fancy sweat owfits). I had a Tshirt under and could tie the sweatshirt around my waist mid-day when it was warmish. I suggest bringing a light coat as well. It can be VERY chilly in the morning and evenings.


Well if this “cold” Florida weather keeps up . . . You will need layers for sure!


ok thanks for all the good advice so at least it wont be crowded. let me tell you i cant wait. i bought these dvds of all the rides and i been watching maelstrom, is there a drop in it…and any yeah or neah about contemporary


Welcome to MB! We’ll be down there on January 30th - so I’m hoping for low crowds too - it’s usually the best time to go, crowd-wise. As for the weather - it can be a mixed bag - we’ve frozen and we’ve had beautiful weather. Best advice is pack for all weathers. The Contemporary is a fantastic resort - the monorail goes right through it - you can walk to the Magic Kingdom from it. Maelstrom? Not scary at all. If you’re looking for drops - Splash Mountain is number one. Expedition Everest has a few wild moments too!


thanks and i love it at disney. i think next time i go in 2012 i want polynesian…we will see. btw my mom turned 60 this year and i was wondering any idea how to be grand marshal and open up the park with the characters…


We’ve always had a great time in January. Welcome to MB!!!


January is always low crowd wise because all the kids are back in school and nobody wants to use their vacation time so early in the year! Good choice to go in January… the next time i go it will be in January.


yeah what i did was ask if i can use 40 hours of this years vacation so next year i still have all my vacation time and they said fine…i was like woo hoo i will feel like i have extra vacation time.


Would somebody please do something about the weather?

I need total sweltering HEAT in Florida. It’s important!!