Any last minute advice for 1st timers?


We leave Friday AM, arrive in Orlando at 9:30 & have arranged for Quicksilver to take us to AKL.

Budget constraints have us staying in a standard room with a savannah view.
As there will be 5 of us, my wife & I, daughters 8 & 7, and baby 8 months, we have requested a bunk bed and a crib.

We have 2 character breakfasts scheduled, have a tentative schedule for each day with mid-day breaks/ nap time for the little guy (if needed) and a PS for dinner our last night.

  1. The girls don’t know we’re going, wife wants to wait until we get to Disney to get them autograph books - where do we go?

  2. Any suggestions for getting any kind of complimentary room upgrade?

  3. Are there laundry facilities at AKL - just in case?

  4. What else?




Autograph books are available at almost any store. When you are checking in say that this is your first time and maybe the CM will do something. But 90% of the rooms are savanah views. There are laundry facilities on all the floors. Remember that you are also on vacation not just your kids. The pool is great. The restaurants are OK. The Mara is great for fast food and is kid friendly. Don’t forget to tip houskeeping. Have a Magical vacation! Joe


All Disney resorts have laundry facilities!!

You can get Autograph books at almost every gift shop there!! Make sure you have a pen too!!!

Surprise trips are great!! We did that last year!!!

Make sure you have ponchos!!! Lots of film!!! Or a great Digital Camera!!

Have fun!! Go with the flow and your vacation will be wonderful!!!


Regarding autographs, make sure the book is open to a blank page for the character to sign. Some have on the big hand gloves and can’t turn the page.

Some people have gotten room upgrades by asking if there is an “invitational upgrade”. I’ve never tried it, but some have and have gotten the upgrade.

Take your time seeing all you can. Remember, it is a vacation, have fun and enjoy everything.

Take advantage of the E-Ride night, if there is one available during your stay. It is at the Magic Kingdom, costs about $10. each which entitles you to stay in the park about 3 hours past closing with a wrist band. Most of the popular rides remain open so if there are long lines during the day, skip them and hit them during the E-Ride Night. It really is a load of fun.

Oh, and remember there is soooooo much to see that you will not be able to see it all. Don’t get upset about what you missed, add it to your “to do list” for next time.

Have a fantastically, magically, funfilled trip!!!


I know that Dana got an upgrade at the AKL last January without even asking, so who knows? You’ll have a wonderful time. What a great surprise for your kids. Try not to overload yourselves with trying to see everything. You’ll just get tired, cranky and frustrated. Enjoy everything you do and remember that WDW will always be there waiting for you next time. On a practical note, take 2 pairs of sneakers for everyone. Chances are good (especially at this time of year), that one pair will get wet, either by rain or on a ride. Nothing more miserable than wet sneakers. Have fun, fun fun!


Boma (dinner) at AKL was my second favorite meal (Crystal Palace breakfast my first) during our stay in July. If you like to sample different kinds of foods you will like it. They do have things that kids will eat like mac and cheese.


I suppose my two cents would be to get hold of some park maps and list maybe 3 or 4 “can’t miss” attractions or shows. Get your first set of fast passes upon entering a park, then while waiting for your time, see a show or have lunch, etc. Keep alternating between getting fast passes and doing rides or shows that aren’t hugely popular and you should be able to cover each park pretty well.

As for the laundry, my hubby used the laundry facilities at AKL fairly early in the morning (7 am or so) and was the only one in there. It can get really crowded, so I’d try to wash clothes then if you don’t mind getting up early.

Have fun!!! :mickey:


Just remember that you will not see or do everything,so make a list of 5 must-sees at each park and do them. Then everything else you do in each park is just gravy.


Ziplock bags!! Bring them for putting your camera, 2 way radio, cell phone, anything electronic that will get ruined if wet. Just keep your item in a ziplock bag and then keep it in your back pack or fanny pack.

Also, label your camera and any other important item…even film with a mailing lable. That way, if it gets lost, there are better odds you will be able to get it back!


What a great idea about labeling the camera, etc.!


i am just going to give you the only advice you need…have a fantastic time!
I am sure everything will be fine. Remember to take plenty of reststops and drink/eat plenty too.
I agree with the Ponchos suggestion…we find them invaluable and the ones at the AK are really cool!

Let us know how everything goes

A xxxx


They have cookie decorating at the Boma every afternoon for the kids. This would be great for the older ones while the baby is resting. I believe it is at 1 pm each day. Just check at the restaraunt when you get there. My DS loves doing it. They also have other games at the pool and sometimes in the lobby for the kids, this varies.

Get each child their own autograph book and pen (a big fat ones is easier for the characters to manage).

Have a great time! You will love the AKL. They have story telling around the firepit each evening that is nice if you get back early. And ask for a sheet with hints for the Hidden Mickeys at the resort, they have them at the front desk. Your girls will love looking for them.