Any Lost Fans? It is produced by Disney


Is anyone of DC Lost Fans? Lost is a disney show. I’ll be watching tonight.


There are lots of lost fans here! There is a thread for tonight’s show. Check it out.


where is the lost thread? I couldn’t find one!!


Here’s the LOST thread for tonight!


Welcome! Every Wednesday that we have a new show, someone will start a thread. It will normally be titled LOST and then the date. Please join in. We are always looking for new ideas.


me too but i can’t watch lost because i have to see a basketball game in espn.


Disney produces that show!!! I had no clue!!! Wowza


I love Lost! Awesome show… Easily one of my favorites on TV right now…

The last episode has especially gotten me excited about the show now. It was getting a little boring for a while, but now it’s really picking up. I can’t wait until next week now!


I don’t care for it it is a little too much for me lol.


Sure is, ABC is a Disney owned company and Lost is made by ABC. Along with ESPN too. Disney owns a lot of networks.

Lost is my favorite TV show of all time. :smile: