Any members get the new promo to addd on at GCV?


Got a brochure in the mail with cards to pass out to people interested in joining with my guides number on it. Anyway, the promo is if you add on 100 points at GCV, DVC will send you 4 annual passes; 2 for WDW and 2 for DL.

If we were not a couple of week from closing, DW and I would have put some serious consideration into that even though the DL passes would just get used once


OMG, I got it yesterday and thought “WOW, this promotion was SOOOO for Daniel & I” cause we love both parks so much. Having two annuals for both parks would have been an AWESOME perk to adding on for us but we already did our 100 add on at BLT. :smile: Either way. :smile:


I figured eh - When would ever spend time in California? Not including any residency as a ‘guest of the state’ as it were.




No, we didn’t but we got a much better discount for the “grand opening” web event. Just got our closing paper work in the mail.


well for us it was a bust since A) we dont go to Cali very often (like never) and B) we have 6 in our family not 4… Oh and Ed still does not have a job- forgot to mention that - LOL


deal is for AKV too…


ugh hearing it counts for AKV as well breaks my heart

As much as I want us to get this house we have been trying for the last couple months, I am so wanting more points



We just got this offer today and it is very tempting for us. It says nothing on the brochure about AKV, can anybody get the same deal there if they inquire?