Any one else get this code?


I received an email the other day, it was kids under the age of 17 are free on a 7 day cruise, beginning June 6th. I’m gonna look into this and see what the cost woud be to cancel the first week at Disney and do the cruise instead!!


What… why didn’t I get one! Their so freaking expensive… I would so book then!


I would look into this also, but my oldest ds is 17, so the way I read it is that he wouldn’t get free. The kids grow up so fast!!!


I was thinking of doing this as well but my 7 year old is still charged as an adult because its only going to be 2 of us.


I just checked my offer again and it says,“kids 17 and under sail free”. Hopefully they will send you a pin code!!


I actually just called the cruise line and the June 6th sailing from Port Canaveral to the Eastern Caribbean is $3500 for the 4 of us!! That is the inside category since it makes me nervous to have a balcony with the kids. I think that is a great price, but we are going to stick with our 2 weeks in WDW. Oh, and they never asked for a pin code or my name. They just said it was the kids sail free offer that they had!


Thats a crazy price. I would definetly stay at WDW. It is so much cheaper than sailing.


Do you think that is expensive? I do not know as I have not been on a cruise in 10 years and never with the kids…:laugh:


When you compare it to say Carnival Cruise Line- it is VERY expensive!! I love Carnival and the fact that Disney Cruise prices are so much higher makes me love Carnival even more!


Does Carvival have a lot of stuff for kids?


I booked under this “kids sail free” code last week. The cost is $3500, compared to $6000 with no code for a July cruise. So it is definitely worth it. Now saying that, the people who booked 6-12 months in advance are probably paying the same price for locking in their rates early. But for those of us who are last minute, this is a great way to cruise during the summer without going broke!:laugh: