Any opinions on The Plaza restaurant at MK?


We are eating there for the first time this weekend. Wondering if anyone had any opinions about it, good or bad. Thanks !!


I have only heard good things.


I’ve been, and it was good, but there is something I’d like to mention.

While it’s definitely a sit-down, and the food is good, the choices and the prices are more like those of a counter service.

Having said that, I would still recommend you try it. The only advice I’d give is that if you do have the dining plan, I would not use it for this place. Pay out of pocket and save your dining plan vouchers for a more expensive sit down.

By the way, you’ll love the desserts at the Plaza too, and you can’t beat the location, right between the Main St hub and Tomorrowland.


We tried it. It was okay. The food was good and so was the service, but the choices were limited. I probably wouldn’t bother going back.


We love the Plaza Restaurant, I think it’s a hidden gem in the MK. We like it because it’s a change from fast food and big heavy meals. There aren’t a lot of choices on the menu but we always find something good to eat. We have been 5 or 6 times and the service has always been very, very good.


The burgers are some of the best in Disney World. If you’re on the dining plan,pay out of pocket,because it is relatively cheap.


We ate here a couple times last year. We used the dining plan, as we planned on having a counter service meal that night as we would be too tired for a sit down.

The food was good, it was a nice place to sit down and cool off. The staff were very friendly and made for a lighter mid afternoon meal break.



SHHHH!!! Don’t tell anybody about it! We love it and we eat there every time that we are there. If you are eating there, be aware that they give special treats to the 100th family of the day. We ate here one year and were walking from SM to Peco’s Bill’s. I wanted to eat somewhere inside because it was hot. We walked by and asked if there was a seat. We sat down and were the 100th family within 5 minutes. My kids loved it. My husband and I loved the dessert. It was a pleasant surprise and we look forward to it every trip.


Glad to hear this, we’ll be eating here in Sept.


I’ll second everyone else’s opinions. The Plaza has great burgers and sandwiches and is an excellent choice for a lighter meal.


I really, really like it. As everyone said, relatively inexpensive, plus you get to sit down in the aircontioning. Great sandwiches, fun place to eat. Much less hectic than anywhere else too, plus many of the main street performers come in and entertain.


The Plaza is a great place to eat and relax for a spell. Just sitting out there and knowing you’re at Disney…<sigh>…


Good sandwiches and ice cream. Plus it is a cute little spot.


We ate there in 2001 while having a bad day. Our meal was a neutral experience, can’t say it was really bad or really good, it just was.


Thank you all for your reports. We ate there Saturday evening and I thought it was ok honestly. The service was good only our poor server was sooo busy she still managed to give good service. The food was just ok nothing special IMO, except my root beer float. They have excellent ice cream. My favorite part was watching people. Our table was right up front by the doors and you would not believe how many people come right up and smoosh their faces against the doors and others who just try to walk right in not knowing that is a sit down restaurant and not CS. That was so much fun.


We’ve never thought of eating there. We may have to try this! :cool:


Give me your opinions on this…

Right now I have dinner booked at the Crystal Palace for our MK night. (We’re on the dining plan but are planning to pay OOP for this meal so have an extra for HDD.) I’m contempating changing our ADR to the Plaza. What do you think?

The good part of CP is, obviously, the characters and that it’s AYCE (my BIL and DH are both BIG eaters)…but I’ve heard the Plaza is good and it would be something different. However, would BIL and DH get enough to eat? Or should we just maybe try this for lunch one day?



I’m not sure big eaters would like this for their one big meal of the day. We treat it like a counter service restaurant and still eat a big meal that day. We try to go for an early lunch that way we are ready to dinner later. I would keep CP and try the Plaza for lunch one day.


I agree with Steph.