Any other Canadians itchy to by DVC?


Just wondering if there are other Canadians as itchy to buy into DVC as I am? I can’t stop running the numbers everytime the $ twitches. I was just getting comfortable with the idea that we needed to wait a year or so to get our personal finances where we want them before buying, but with the changing dollar, it’s harder and harder not to hop on a plane and “Just Do It!”:blink:


If you got an itch…




Yes! I have been trying to convince my husband that with our dollar so good right now, its time!!!

But he keeps giving me a line about wanting to vacation elsewhere more - as if! :laugh:

Can’t we just do both? :laugh:


One of my co-workers has only used her DVC membership to go to Disney ONCE. She uses it for a week somewhere different in the world every year. Don’t forget that point!!! AND, the points required to do a week anywhere in the world is really pretty low.

Seriously, I think people forget that you can book a week in Spain, or wherever, with your membership and just pay for your airfare & spending money.


You’re right, I did forget about that!

Wishy - you have given me ammunition!


I’ve got plenty more where that came from! :laugh:


I’m trying to sell my dvc through the time share store if you’re interested…


See Whitba!! Your post… it was FATE!!!


Help out a fellow MBer!! :biggrin: :blush:


I’m getting an ulcer, need to buy a lotto ticket, doesn’t need to be the big one, just enough to pay the mortage… or even just enough to by into DVC!

Beckybeener, I keep checking your post on the TimeShare store… can’t help myself. Sorry you’re in this spot, I hope it works out for you. And if it find a pot of gold soon, I promise you’ll be the first to know.


Oh, you can save your plane fare. You can take care of it all by phone.

Very good “Friends and Family” promotion going on right now. Up to $10 off plus bonus annual points. If you are on the fence this could be good time to jump.

PM or EMail me and I can send you information for promotion if you like.


Unfortunantly, you can only phone in Ontario and one other province (Saskatchewan ?), Nova Scotians have to jump on a plane:angry: It has to do with very complicated provincial timeshare laws. I believe it’s easier to by in Puerto Rico than here in NS.

Time to check the lotto numbers :sad:


Well you could call or email and get it started anyway. That way you’d lock in the promotion. Give them my name: Richard Carmichael, Chesapeake VA to qualify.

You can ask to speak to Amil Arryo or