Any other Coffee Nuts?


Allrighty you coffee nuts (you know who you are). Are Disney Parks going to get rid of that nescafe coffee and put in real coffee? Oh please somebody say Yes, they are.

I am a coffaholic and that coffee tastes really bad to me! :pinch: :eek:

Am I the only one being picky? I love :heart: Kona’s coffee, thats what they should be serving in the parks. Is there anyone we can talk too? Anybody??

Please on Please, let this change!!! (ok, I’ll stop whining, maybe)


No, you are not being picky. When you get used to good coffee, poor coffee tastes bad. The last time I went to the CP (3 years ago), it had great coffee. The CP was sponsored by Columbian Coffee Growers Assn… I hope that hasn’t changed. If that hasn’t changed, try the coffee there. I think it is the Best Coffee in the WDW parks!


When I was there in 2004 the park had the nescafe thing. I don’t know about CP though. In 2005 we went to Disneyland and it was the same nescafe thing. I HOPE it has changed in WDW.

Thats good to know, I hope they still have it. I will stop in there instead of anywhere else.


The stuff WDW provides is disgusting!!

I always take my own, and prepare it in the room. That way, I’m not disappointed. I’m completely addicted to Barnie’s and my day is not complete without Santa’s White Christmas. :happy:


Barnie’s??? Never heard of that. I love millstones Kona and Starbucks, well almost anything of starbuck, but my fav is the Vienna Roast. YUM. Now I’m going to have to stop by there on my way to the library, Oh Darn :wink: , I hate to do that, LOL


I know how you all feel. I’ve been traveling for work more often lately, and one of the things I miss most is my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.


AHHH, I don’t feel alone anymore!!!

My hubby just doesn’t appreciate a fine cup of java!! He thinks I’m a bit nuts. But I still love my coffee!!!


I agree, the Nescafe stuff is horrid. But I had great coffee at the Earl of Sandwich. Mmmmmm.


I am a complete coffee snob! I ordered a mocha at the DLH and it was awful! It was completly burnt and I couldn’t even finish it. Disney really should sign on Starbucks like they have McDonalds. Or at least put in a good coffee shop in DtD. It is torture to go an entire week without good coffee!


That’s great to know!!

Now at MK we have great coffee at CP!!
At DD, head to Earl of Sandwich.

Now all we need is one from Disney Studios and EPCOT. Then we are set!


Now that’s a GREAT idea!! Who do we call to get the coffee a brewing?? LOL


I’m not a coffee nut, but am nuts. Does that count? lol


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Crazy Woman.


I really wish they’d put a few Dunkin Dounts right inside Disney!

I am going to have a hard time living without a nice cup of Turbo Hot while I’m down there.


Does he only think you’re nuts because of the coffee or are there other issues also? :huh: :tongue:


I’m with you on this! The Kona coffe that is served at the Poly is the BEST coffee in the parks! I wish that Disney would serve this coffee EVERYWHERE!!


The Kona coffee is the reason I started drinking coffee. Before that I always said I didn’t like the taste. Kona converted me to a coffee fiend!


We got back from staying at the Poly two weeks ago, and the lb. of Kona Coffee I bought to bring home is almost gone!

Where/what is comparable to it in stores? I checked at Starbucks, but they do not carry Hawaiian coffees.

Does anyone buy Disney’s Kona Coffee online?

Now I want a cup and it is midnight!


I live right across the street from a shopping center with a TJMaxx in it, so I’ve usually got 2 or 3 bags of gourmet coffee in my freezer and then the trusty can of Chock Full o Nuts or whatever is on sale.

Counter space is at a premium in my kitchen (had to put the mickey mouse boarder up high, no place for mickey figurines or pictures) so I finally broke down and bought an old style percolator and make coffee on the stove top every morning.


Welcome to DC! I don’t think I’ve welcomed you!